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This private chalet has been built around 1820 by Ulrich Güttinger, the protagonist of the Romantic school of Swiss origin. Situated in the middle of a green bower, between rhododendrons and hydrangeas, this wooden chalet of Swiss inspiration, was surrounded by a terrace-arcade with a projecting roof protecting it from the rain. Around the house, we can find several varieties of flowers, greenhouses, warm greenhouses, a vegetable garden and an orchard. Many important horticultural activities took place in this park situated in the middle of the forest and much appreciated. Attending the Salon de l'Arsenal, Ulrich Güttinger often welcomed here the protagonists of art and literature of his time: Victor and Adèle Hugo, Alfred de Musset, Sainte-Beuve, Alexandre Dumas, Flaubert, Baudelaire, Théophile Gautier, Chopin... An enchanting source called "La Fontaine Virginie” to honour the memory of his young wife, died too early, had several artistic influences. Around 1950, the chalet was used to host summer camps. The rests of the chalet are walled up today.