Alexis Chabert

Guest at the 2017 Books & Music Festival

Alexis Chabert is interested in all forms of drawing, this is the reason why he so much likes to change style, to stick the drawing to the scenario. He always aspires to explore new artistic universes.
After a brief stay at the Beaux-Arts in Versailles, which disappointed him, Alexis decided to enroll at the National Conservatory of Rueil-Malmaison Region with the aim of becoming a composer of contemporary music while teaching classical guitar. A fortuitous opportunity leads him to work in a graphic studio where he will make his weapons as Illustrator roughman. At the same time, he produced comic strip projects, one of which would catch Delcourt's attention: the story of Huguette, an old woman harassed by a junkie in the shallows of Courbevoie. This scenario does not fall within the editorial line of the time, the project will never see the light of day and Alexis will sign a fantastico-medieval series (Rogon le Leu) with Didier Convard. He participated with Frédéric Lenoir in the creation of one-page gags in the review "Le Monde des Religions". He also published Bourbon Street, La fault, a life in North Korea and Louis de Funès.

Gainsbourg - Jungle Editions:
Son of Russian emigrants, Serge Gainsbourg revolutionized the French variety of the seventies. His deliberately commercial approach, born of his own failure in text song, has upset the codes of popular song.
This rage to win his place in a field which was not his will have burned his wings as surely as he will have given us masterpieces.
A huge poet drowning his childhood dreams in alcohol, Serge Gainsbourg is one of those men who remind us that the ambiguity of feelings is hopeless.



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