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In 2024, Deauville celebrates 100 years of Les Planches and Les Bains pompéiens. A place for sea bathing, strolling, socializing, games, meetings and events... Les Planches and its art deco cabins, inaugurated on July 6, 1924, have remained Deauville's most visited, surveyed and photographed spot ever since.

A promenade conducive to encounters and sporting and cultural events, propelled by film shoots and photographs, and the legend of the many artists who have trodden its boards since their creation, the Planches and the Bains pompéiens remain Deauville's mythical landmark a hundred years on. Every day, they welcome hundreds of visitors happy to enjoy the beach huts and walk along the promenade, photographing on one side the famous five-colored parasols that embellish the beach in fine weather, and on the other listing the names of American actors, directors and filmmakers inscribed on the lices between the beach huts, which have been honored at the American Film Festival since 1975. They've been trodden by world leaders from Churchill to Barak Obama, and by artists of all stripes, from painter Kees Van Dongen and Raoul Dufy to photographers Robert Capa and Peter Lindbergh, from Mistinguett and Josephine Baker to Claude François, Jane Birkin and Serge Gainsbourg... Les Planches de Deauville also holds the memories of family gatherings, romantic encounters, games shared with friends... of thousands of anonymous people.

Pour célébrer cet anniversaire, Deauville compose un programme qui va s'enrichir tout au long de l'année. Expositions, conférences, projections, visites, déambulation musicale et festive... le programme se conçoit telle une promenade dans le temps invitant à découvrir les trésors cachés et les moments marquants qui ont façonné l'identité et la notoriété des Planches. La célébration officielle du centenaire sera officiellement célébré le week-end des 6 et 7 juillet.
"Les Planches is Deauville! We'd like to celebrate the creation of Les Planches with as many people as possible. An architectural concept and a wooden promenade unique in the world. We want to honor the personalities, the athletes, the families, the lovers... all the generations who have trodden and still trod the Planches at their own pace and in their own way, while enjoying the beach. In this spirit and dynamic, we're going to pay tribute to our heritage through a century of history, but also project ourselves into the Les Planches of tomorrow by unveiling new facilities for culture, sport and, of course, emotion". Philippe Augier, Mayor of Deauville.


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