Arnaud Cathrine

Guest at the 2018 Books & Music Festival

Born in Nièvre in 1973, Arnaud cathrine studied modern literature and English in Paris. Immersed in music during his adolescence (piano and song taught to him by his grandfather organist and organ builder), he began to write at the age of fifteen: short stories and many novels interrupted at the end of the first chapter. He published his first book, Les Yeux secs, in 1998 at Editions Verticales. He is 23. Since then, he has published around thirty novels. On the one hand in general literature: Sweet home, The disappearance of Richard Taylor, Lost boys, I do not find anyone, Not exactly love (Prize of the news of the French Academy) as well as an essay on his books bedside table: Our romanticized lives. On the other hand in children's literature: I am a boy, I am the shame of the family, I am the idol of my father… Recently, he published in the R collection of Robert Laffont Editions the first two volumes of a series for young adults - In place of the heart - relating to the experience of the 2015 attacks; the third volume will be released next March.
Apart from this main furrow, Arnaud Cathrine particularly likes to open the field of exploration of writing: he adapted his novel La Route de Midland for cinema with Eric Caravaca (released in 2004 under the title Le Passager with Julie Depardieu ) as well as I don't find anyone, broadcast on Arte in 2015 under the title Neuf jours en hiver (production: Alain Tasma). Eric Caravaca therefore became a “brother” of writing.
He is a literary advisor for three festivals: "Les Correspondances de Manosque" (for almost 17 years), "Tandem" (Nevers), "Les émancipéés" (Vannes), as well as for the Maison de la Poésie (Paris) where he continues its collaboration with Olivier Chaudenson. This is his "job": he could not dream better since he finds a particular pleasure in admiring others, quite selfish pleasure, by the way: so he can meet and listen to his idols, that they come from literature, music or theater.
And then there is the experience of the stage, so important (so much so that he now dares to define himself as author and performer). In 2008, Frère animal was a novel co-sung and co-written with Florent Marchet (book / album at Editions Verticales). Florent Marchet: the other brother of creation. The scenic transcription brought together the two accomplices, as well as Valérie Leulliot (Around Lucie) and Nicolas Martel (Las Sondas Marteles). Frère animal has performed in Paris at the Café de la Danse, the Bouffes du Nord and the European as well as in the provinces for three years. In 2013, he played alongside Nathalie Richard in the scenic adaptation of his book Le journal intime by Benjamin Lorca, directed by Ninon Brétécher (104 and Théâtre Monfort). In 2015, he wrote a show interpreted by Anna Mouglalis and directed by the same Ninon Brétécher: Sérénades.
October 2016: the second part of the Animal Brother adventure is published by Pias, this time in the form of an album. After the Francofolies de La Rochelle, La Philharmonie de Paris and the Trianon (the group is accompanied for the occasion by Bernard Lavilliers and Jeanne Cherhal), the show toured throughout France.
Arnaud Cathrine has two books in progress, a musical reading ready to go on the road with Florent Marchet, a fiction film to write with Eric Caravaca… He will have plenty of time to rest when he is dead.



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