Arnaud Cathrine

Guest of the 2018 Books & Music Festival

Born in the Nièvre department in 1973, Arnaud Cathrine has been studying Literature and English in Paris. Studying music since adolescence (piano and singing, taught by his grandfather, organist and organ creator), he started to write at the age of 15: short stories and many novels, all interrupted at the end of the first chapter. He published his first book, titled Les Yeux secs, in 1998 (Editions Verticales) at the age of 23. Since then, he published about 30 novels. General literature: Sweet home, La disparition de Richard Taylor, Les garçons perdus, Je ne retrouve personne, Pas exactement l’amour (Prix de la nouvelle de l’Académie Française) and an essay about his bedside books: Nos vies romancées. Youth literature: Je suis un garçon, Je suis la honte de la famille, Je suis l’idole de mon père… He has recently published in the collection R des Éditions Robert Laffont the first two volumes of a series for young adults - À la place du cur - relating to the experience of terrorist attacks in 2015; the third volume will be published next March.
Apart from this, Arnaud Cathrine loves exploring writing: he adjusted his novel titled La Route de Midland for the cinema, together with Eric Caravaca (the film, titled Le Passager and starring Julie Depardieu was released in 2004) as well as Je ne retrouve personne, broadcasted on Arte channel under the title of Neuf jours en hiver (director: Alain Tasma). Since then, Eric Caravaca has become a writing “mate".
He is the literary advisor for three festivals: « Les Correspondances de Manosque » (from about 17 years), « Tandem » (Nevers), « Les émancipéés » (Vannes), as well as for the Maison de la Poésie (Paris), where he pursued his collaboration with Olivier Chaudenson. That’s a perfect job for him: he loves admiring others’ works. It’s also an opportunity to meet and listen to his idols that may belong to the world of literature, music or theatre.
And then, there’s the experience of the stage, so important for him that he defines himself author and performer. In 2008, Frère animal was first performed: a novel co-singed and co-written with Florent Marchet (book/album published by Editions Verticales). Florent Marchet: another creation mate. The adaptation for the stage has gathered two colleagues: Valérie Leulliot (Autour de Lucie) and Nicolas Martel (Las Sondas Marteles). Frère animal was performed in Paris at the Café de la Danse, at the Bouffes du Nord and at the Européen as well as in other departments for three years. In 2013, he performed with Nathalie Richard in the adaptation for the stage of his book titled Le journal intime de Benjamin Lorca, staged by Ninon Brétécher (104 et Théâtre Monfort). In 2015, he wrote a show performed by Anna Mouglalis and staged by Ninon Brétécher: Sérénades.
October 2016: the second section of the adventure Frère animal was published by Pias, as an album this time. After the Francofolies de La Rochelle, La Philharmonie de Paris and the Trianon (the group is accompanied this time by Bernard Lavilliers and Jeanne Cherhal), the show has been performed throughout France.
Arnaud Cathrine is writing two books; a music reading tour is about to start with Florent Marchet; a fiction film is to be written with Eric Caravaca… No time to relax!