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March 24, 2021


Take part in the "Weloveyou" project, an artistic film shot in Deauville on April 8

Elodie Lachaud, Mila Lights and Nathaniel Méchaly are all three artists. Joëlle Marouani, interior designer trained in the history of art, was seduced by their respective universes. Together, they imagined an artistic creation that they want to share with the inhabitants of Deauville of all generations. This is the "Weloveyou" project in which you can participate.

WeloveYou -DR - 1600X700
WeLoveYou projectImage Elodie Lachaud

The object of this artistic creation is love

The "Weloveyou" project is imagined and carried out to illuminate and help the Lovers that we all are, to go through this unique period and to resist despite everything. 
A hymn to Love and to this magical link that unites us all and allows us to live!
A tribute therefore to the energy of women, men, lovers, music and photography of these times that we owe it to ourselves to go through together. 

The message will take the form of a film which will feature couples (friends, lovers, parents, grandparents ...) on the Planches and the beach of Deauville. It will be shot on April 8. To carry out this project, the film crew is looking for fifteen couples of all ages: boy / girl, father / mother, grandfather / grandmother, boyfriend / girlfriend, boyfriend / boyfriend ...
The condition: to be free that day for 1h30 of filming on Deauville beach. 

To apply, send your natural photos (portrait) and contact details to the following email address:

"Weloveyou": the synopsis

On the horizon, the sea. 
The couples hair in the wind, will be filmed face to face. It is their gaze that speaks. Social distancing is thus respected. 
The instruction: let yourself be carried away by your emotions. 
Each couple will be filmed for two minutes. 
The images will then be mounted on a musical and poetic score.

The film will be screened in various locations and at the Franciscans in 2022.

Three recognized artists


Elodie Lachaud is a photographer, director and visual artist.
Graduated from Beaux Arts in Paris, she obtained a scholarship to study photography at Chelsea Art school in London. She began her artistic career by painting, which she practiced for 12 years. At the same time, she joined the Gamma agency and produced music videos for the recording industry. She obtained the quality premium in 1998 and shot her first short film Meteosex, a lyrical slice between male and female, presented at the Clermont Ferrand festival (1998) and at the Aviff Art festival on the occasion of the Cannes festival in 2010. In 2001 , she directs the film Latest News, shot at the Black Rocks in Trouville, an intimate portrait of the artist Guesch Patti. The film's images accompany the ballet Elle smiles aux larmes (choreographies by Daniel Larrieu, Odile Duboc, Pascale Houbin, Odile Azagury, Dominique Mercy) at the Théâtre des Abbesses. From 2001, she devoted herself mainly to photography and exhibited her work in various galleries in Paris, Brussels, London, New York, Seoul, Miami. She met with great success with her series Chromobiles NY (photographs / video), "mood" and interiors of New York taxis. Winner of the Brouillon d'un rêve de la Scam grant in 2010, she undertook the production of a first feature film Tricolarum, selected in 2014 at the Mannheim-Heidelberg festival in Germany. In this fictional documentary, each taxi journey becomes a life story, exploring the boundaries between private and public space, between emancipation and dependence. Since 2015 she has performed in France and internationally (Taiwan), variations on the couple in search of Sacred and happiness. In 2019, the Town Hall of the 13th arrondissement is dedicating a retrospective to him for all of his work.

Throughout her journeys, Elodie Lachaud captures the energy and soul of the places she crosses, places identified in the moment and forever lost to sight. His images become films in their own right which force the viewer to tell stories, his story. Throughout her artistic career, she explores themes that speak of the intimate feminine and looks at the between space and the meantime of the contemporary.

Latest work 2020:
Performance Short breaths with Guesch Patti, Dalle des Olympiades, Un été Particular, Mairie de Paris.
Chuchoter le vivant, creation residency at the French Institute of Equatorial Guinea, research program with actors linked to biodiversity on the island of Bioko, exhibition and workshops on photography.


Mila Lights is an international artist born in France. She shares her childhood between the United States and France. Very early on, his father, an art collector, took him to museums, introduced him to the lightness and the shows of Calder, the abstraction of Poliakoff and that of the School of Paris. His mother, who studied at the Beaux-Arts, opened a place in Montparnasse which became the meeting place for artists (painting, weaving, ceramics). A joyful and luminous childhood rocked from studio to studio, museums, miraculous encounters with artists, collectors and the enlightened love of his family.

Mila Lights is trained in the best French and American artistic schools Actor's studio / Broadway Dance School / American Film Institute / Rachmaninov Conservatory.
She blossomed into a musical career as a singer-songwriter with tours around the world including Wembley and Japan.
At the height of success, a family drama forces him to step out of his comfort zone and reinvent himself. She will choose to confront, after the world of show business, the silence and loneliness of the studio. She creates abstract, gestural, colorful and immense canvases.
She composes with all her talents and gives birth to performances combining compositions of sound harmonies, songs, dances, videos and paintings in a shamanic scenography.
It also offers collaborations around design and fashion.
Mila Lights is a multimedia artist who explores the magical dimension of the creative act. It gives birth to pictorial works governed by a very precise creative protocol. She questions femininity, which connects men to each other, their dreams and their origins. These performances are vibrations and energies, she puts into them what has always carried her, music, dance, staging, image and painting.
His works have been exhibited for more than ten years between Europe and Asia, and prestigious collectors around the world have followed the artist since his beginnings. In 2018, it offered “Light Your World” in Seoul with the support of the Institut français, and sponsors such as Dior, Givenchy and other brands of the LVMH group, the public was able to attend a multi-sensory show in which screenings, music, traditional songs, costumes, dancers accompany the creative process of the Mila Lights paintings.


Nathaniel Méchaly studied cello, chamber music and composition at the national conservatories of Marseille, Paris and Boulogne.
He began his career as a composer in 2004 with Avanim for Raphaël Nadjari then Revolver for Guy Ritchie and contributed to the success of the Taken trilogy.
He has just finished the music for the new series of the duo Mans Marlind & Björn Stein, Shadowplay (Soon on Canal +), with whom he has already collaborated on Jour Polaire and Swoon. He is currently working with director Wong Kar Waï with whom he has already collaborated for See you tomorrow and The Grandmaster;