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Panoramic room
Place Fanneau 14640 Villers sur mer
02 31 14 44 88

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Dancing menu with the Grands Mômes and Régis Suez as a duo from 20 p.m.


- Lobster medallion in shellfish jelly, coral crumble / Millefeuille of foie gras, smoked duck breast and mango / porcini cream soup, light hay cream
- The supreme Saint-Pierre with vanilla and verbena, spelled risotto
- Pineapple and Monbazillac sorbet *
- Quail stuffed with foie gras, chestnut mousseline and roasted fig, Périgord sauce
- Nougatine brie with beggars, mixed greens, walnut vinaigrette
- Choco pear leaf, ginger and orange coulis

White wine: Parallele 45 * or Red wine: Château Eyran * ½ bottle / person 145 € / pers. (all inclusive, party favors and glass of champagne offered at midnight)


*Alcohol abuse is dangerous for health. Consume in moderation.