Since 2017, the Planche(s) Contact Festival has been inviting a leading cultural figure nourishing a real passion for photography, but not doing it as a job. In 2018, Vincent Delerm was the successor of agnès b. He was invited to exhibit his photographs during the Festival and to choose two of the eight public orders of the Festival: Pierre Cattoni and Franck Hédin.

© Vincent Delerm, pour Planche(s) Contact 2018, Deauville
© Pierre Cattoni, pour Planche(s) Contact 2018, Deauville
© Franck Hedin, pour Planche(s) Contact 2018, Deauville

Deauville is a party
Fifteen years ago, I remember that one evening I’ve been performing the song titled Deauville sans Trintignant in Deauville.
It was in the Salle Elie de Brignac (the yearling sale hall), smelling a bit of hay and horse.
Being on tour often makes you have unusual experiences.
A concert hall in the middle of a forest, a Cultural Space next to a shopping mall, a dressing room whose windows open up to the sea.
These experiences have been so striking that, after my first three tours, in 2008, I’ve decided to always bring with me my Minolta analogue camera, received for my 20th anniversary and not much used until then.
To keep track of everything. To be able to better tell « how it was ».
I’ve started to take photos of the shows, the journeys, the concert halls in the afternoon, the cities crossed early in the morning and then I’ve started taking photos of life in general.
It’s, of course, the only thing I am really interested to when writing songs or taking photos: let people see and feel life.
I am really very proud of receiving this proposition by the Planche(s) Contact Festival.
It moves me even more because I come from Haute Normandie and Deauville is linked to my first beach memories : we reached the sea from the surrounding valleys and the city had a weird charm I couldn’t completely understand when I was a child.
I am not sure I’ll be able to penetrate this mystery, maybe I won’t even want to do that, but the idea of spending some time taking photos of Deauville and stay there for the next Festival just makes me very happy!
Long life to Trintignant, hay and photography!


Pierre Cattoni belongs to the music world like Vincent Delerm, who has invited him for a creation residence in Deauville. Working as project manager for the Tôt ou Tard record company, namely with the group We Are Match, Pierre Cattoni fell in love for photography. He has been cultivating this passion since he was a teenager, but the discovery of the analogue camera really captured his attention and made him dedicate an increasing part of his free time to image. His photos are snapshots of his personal life in Paris, his journeys of the latest four years. Looking for an ordinary beauty, the poetry of the unexpected, he is fascinated by daily life scenes and seeks to transmit his feelings.

Franck Hédin was born in Limoges in 1971. During a journey to Détroit, United States, he fell in love with analogue black-and-white photography. Even though he was working in the world of music, the photographic medium became essential to him. Since then, extending his music composer-producer career, photographic films and vintage camera he is a major consumer of has been echoing his recording and producing method. In particular, he loves the relationship to time implied by analogue photography. It means taking the time to choose the angle, think, then develop and print the photo. It’s a meticulous and without artifice craftsman’s work, reminding the analogue production on tape recorders he is specialized in.

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