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Enrico Campagnola - wikimédia

Deauville International Painting Prize in 1955

Enrico Campagnola (1911-1984), born of a Venetian family, showed talent for drawing and sculpting from a very young age. He graduated from the Fine-Arts Academy of Rome in 1934, majoring in sculpture and taught in Besançon. He then settled in Paris in 1947 while working in advertising. Despite not having a proper workshop, he dedicated his free time to painting and modelling.

In 1955, the “Grand Prix International de Peinture de Deauville” (Deauville International Painting Prize) rewarded with special distinction his “Nu aux coquillages”. This distinction marked the starting point of his career as a painter and the beginning of unanimous success acclaimed by French and international collectors and critics, mainly in the United-States.
An exhibition of his works was organized by the Seventy-five gallery in New-York City. From 1957 onwards, the Madsen Gallery permanently exhibited his work rue Saint-Honoré, in Paris. Campagnola was invited at the Rome Quadriennale and the Venice Biennale, participated in the Salon d’Automne, and was selected for the Prix Greenshields at the Charpentier Gallery. Foreign museums soon started acquiring his paintings.

In 1968, he started detaching himself from all commercial aspects of his work to dedicate himself to a more personal craft, whether in painting or sculpting.

His incredibly creative ability is revealed by his works, illustrating through the constant presence of female figures his unlimited love for beauty.

In 1985, the recently created “Espaces Enrico Campagnola” association, aiming to share the artist’s work, donated several paintings and sculptures to the City of Deauville. The city exposed the donated artwork at the Villa Strassburger and opened a referring website dedicated to Campagnola’s work: www.museecampagnola.fr