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News: the inDeauville events calendar is kept up to date as decisions are imposed on all. Some dates have been canceled or postponed, others are maintained under certain conditions of public access.

Created in 1996, the Easter festival welcomes young chamber musicians every year to Deauville to perform rare and ambitious programs in public. Concerned about collective exploration, these young virtuosos - the best of their generation - find themselves in an orchestra that brings them all together, the Music Workshop. For more than twenty years, the ...

17th AprilMay 8
Elie de Brignac roomDEAUVILLE

25th Easter Festival

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Circuit and literary walk in three stages, designed by Les Dominicaines, museum and art library of Pont-l'Evêque, the Villa Montebello Museum, the Library of Trouville-sur-mer and Les Franciscaines de Deauville as part of the heritage days.

The Pays d'Auge is Gustave Flaubert's other Norman territory. It is in Pont-l'Evêque, where s ...

18 September
Saint-Augustin Church car parkDEAUVILLE

European Heritage Days: Flaubert in Pays d'Auge

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The Notre-Dame de l'Assomption chapel is used as a church by the parish of Blonville-sur-Mer. It offers the creative example of a construction where modern techniques and materials are associated with the inspiration of the builders of medieval cathedrals.

The painter Jean-Denis Maillart and the canon Duvieu who guided him, were the art ...

18 September19 September
Chapel of Our Lady of the AssumptionBLONVILLE-SUR-MER

European Heritage Days: Opening of the Notre-Dame de l'Assomption chapel

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Exceptionally, during European Heritage Days, the Paléospace opens the doors of its reserves for two guided tours, to understand the challenges of heritage conservation, to discover the different stages from the discovery of a fossil to its entry into the "Musée de France" collections.

Visits to ...

18 September19 September
The Paléospace - Musée de FranceVILLERS-SUR-MER

European Heritage Days: opening of the Paléospace reserves

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The association of friends of Notre-Dame de la Visitation opens the doors of the church for Heritage Days. This church already has a long history of almost a thousand years behind it! Its history is inseparable from that of Blonville-sur-Mer. Its construction further inland may seem surprising nowadays, but the population of ...

18 September
Church of Our Lady of the VisitationBLONVILLE-SUR-MER

European Heritage Days: Free visit of the Notre-Dame de la Visitation church

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Opened in 1912, Printemps Deauville was the very first branch of a department store in the provinces and one of the first fashion boutiques to set up in Deauville. The creation of this "novelty store" is an integral part of the urban planning projects of Eugène Cornuché and Désiré Le Hoc for the city.
For the first time, Spring will be ...

18 September19 September
Spring DeauvilleDEAUVILLE

European Heritage Days: Guided tour of Printemps Deauville

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Villerville's brand new municipal library opens its doors for a tea, coffee, snack or aperitif.
Memberships, valid until December 31, 2022, will be open (prefer payment by check).

18 September

Open day at the new municipal library

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Marc de Guerpel, architect, and his team will offer discovery activities around the construction site of the bell tower of Saint-Martin church. The participants will be able to discover the know-how of the restoration of the church of Villers-sur-Mer.

In the program :
- History of the Saint-Martin church
- Description of the work in progress
- Discovery of trades ...

18 September
Meet in front of the main gate of the churchVILLERS-SUR-MER

European Heritage Days: Discovery around the site of the bell tower of the Saint-Martin church

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Humorous piece with appetizing and sexy contours; cooked to perfection and to be consumed in moderation! From Eve to Michelle Obama to Joan of Arc, women have marked the history of ... Man. In this comedy, women will make history, speed-dating!

Text and staging by Delo.

24 September

Theater: "When women cook men"

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"The Gibson Man" is back! The most famous bluesman of France, seasoned guitarist and talented songwriter, presents on stage his very last album with the poetic title: "Tightrope walker or attempt at survival in a hostile environment". A record that wins all the votes. Fans of melancholy ballads and frenzied riffs will ...

25 September
Casino Barrière DeauvilleDEAUVILLE

Concert: Paul Personne

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Jacques Papin, dressage rider, riding teacher and pupil of the great Portuguese master Nuno Oliveira, is the author of The day where the horses will speak; Me, horse (Le Rocher). His latest novel, Marcel et le Cadre Noir, was published in 2020 by Ex Aequo editions.

Marcel and the Cadre Noir, or the love story of a little boy living in Saumu ...

25 September
The Franciscans - DeauvilleDEAUVILLE

Meeting with Jacques Papin: Marcel and the black frame

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There is always something going on at Vincent Dedienne!
Television and cinema are tearing themselves apart, but this comedian trained in classical theater and stripping columnist has decided to get back on the boards for his second only-on-stage (the first had won the Molière for humor 2017).
Cascading laughter and much more ...

2 October
Casino Barrière DeauvilleDEAUVILLE

Humor: Vincent Dedienne

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