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News: the inDeauville events calendar is kept up to date as decisions are imposed on all. Some dates have been canceled or postponed, others are maintained under certain conditions of public access.

Money has no smell, but when it comes to stealing it, some people have noses. On Christmas Eve, Mathieu, manager of a village grocery store, is about to close his shop when Sébastien, a neighbor and on the verge of bankruptcy bursts in: it's a robbery! Sébastien unfolds, not without difficulty, his action plan when Delphine, a single mother, d ...

26st November

Theater: "Here for the currency"


Musical show for young audiences "Pareidolies" by the company Murmures du Son, with Benjamin André.
In his sound garden, in the middle of his instruments, there is him and there is the other. He does what he can do best: music.
It is his daily life, his routine, his hobby. This is its reason for being there. But when the vibrations of his ...

8 December

Musical show for young audiences: "Pareidolies"