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Marion brunet

Invited to the 2018 Books & Music Festival

Marion brunet grew up in a village in Vaucluse, fed by books. After studying modern literature, she became a specialized educator, working in a children's home, with adolescents, adults, and above all in psychiatry, for fifteen years, but never ceasing to write. It was in 2013 that his first novel appeared, Brother, whose welcome allows him to chain meetings and leave his work to devote himself to writing and his work as a reader for the Sarbacane publishing house. Since then, she has published three teen novels in the Exprim 'collection and three children's novels in the Pépix collection. A black novel for adults was published in February 2018 by Albin Michel. She lives between Paris and Marseille, writes anywhere.



Brother, Sarbacane, coll. Express, 2013

The wolves, Sarbacane, coll. Express, 2014

In a mess, Sarbacane, coll. Express, 2016

The ogre in mustard green sweater, Sarbacane, coll. Pepix, 2014

The ogre in a griotte pink sweater, Sarbacane, coll. Pepix, 2015

The haired ogre (s), Sarbacane, coll. Pepix, 2016

Circular summere, Albin Michel, forthcoming, February 2018