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Jacques-Aurélien Brun

Young talent photographer of the 2015 Planche (s) Contact festival

© Jacques-Aurélien Brun for Board (s) Contact 2015

Sleepy jack rose

"Sleepy Jack Rose is a hallucinatory journey, until the end of the night, through Deauville. Some summer visitors settle under the umbrellas during the day and in the evening get drunk to celebrate until the early hours. Deauville then contrasts. It becomes a meeting point between opposing social classes. It is late, wandering begins. A young man from the Parisian suburbs wanders in a zig-zag, between the majestic houses. At night, the Norman roofs become disturbingly, the waves roar and the seagulls try to find the remains of the Grand Hotel in the garbage. Then the sun rises slowly, the staggering young man joins his sleeping friends on the beach. Sitting admiring the back and forth comes from the bewitching sieve, it waits for the last hints of Jack Rose to evaporate. "

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