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Patrick Braoudé

Patrick Braoudé is an actor and filmmaker. We owe him many films directed, such as Génial mes parents divorcent (1990), Neuf Mois (1993), Amour et Confusions (1996), Second Life (1999), Iznogoud (2005). He has been doing photography since he was a teenager, but decided to exhibit his photos since 2013 at the Villerville festival and has since done many exhibitions. He presents us photos with a strong pictorial aspect, without retouching, which have fun giving the illusion of paintings, in an "impressionist" mode while keeping the snapshot of the photograph ... of the effects obtained during the shooting , without computer work… “On Digital Impressionism” Claude Lelouch said with friendship during the Deauville exhibition… with a touch of timelessness. Simple photographs of everyday happiness.