Patrick Braoudé

Actor, director, producer, screenwriter and photographer

Deauville: "Pleasant family memories, incredible light"

A man of cinema, at the same time actor, director, producer, screenwriter and author, Patrick Braoudé has also developed since his adolescence another talent: photography.

In love with Deauville, where he often spent his weekends with his family as a child, this jack-of-all-trades exhibited in 2015 at the La Bohême Gallery a series produced on the coast of the seaside resort, whose "incredible colors" he praises. He presents photos giving the illusion of paintings, in an "impressionist" style. Effects obtained in the shooting, without computer work. Of "Digital Impressionism", Claude Lelouch said with friendship during the Deauville exhibition. "As a filmmaker who likes to watch his contemporaries, I like to take time to observe the beach: groups of friends meeting for a moment of friendship, families in search of relaxation, couples of lovers who come to isolate themselves. My photos are snapshots of these lives “spied on.” Characters often from behind, sometimes masked, or in backlight, unrecognizable, except for them, who perhaps will be the only ones to recognize themselves… becoming fuzzy beings, Chinese shadows , “ghosts”, sometimes even just stains of color… With this particular light of Normandy which gives the sea its astonishing hues, from green gray to Prussian blue, to the sand this yellow of rare softness, to the parasols and colorful beach accessories their sunny shine… It's funny, he adds, every time I post a photo on social networks, even if it is only a sunset, people imagine that I I am in the Seychelles! It is true that the sky and the sea take on incredible colors here. credible. I really understand why the Impressionists came to paint here, attracted by this light that makes everything stand out. We can only be in ecstasy in front of this palette of colors. We are happy there and we cannot leave before the sun has completely set ”.

"I spent the weekends of my childhood in Deauville, with my parents. Then, when I shot my films during the summer, I put my children in Deauville or Trouville, so that I could quickly come back to see them on weekends. end of Paris. Deauville is for me a place of concentration, relaxation, so close to Paris and its madness. These are special moments, and so easy that it would be silly to deny them! "

After taking his first steps in the theater, with Purr on the blinis that he writes and performs, Patrick Braoudé obtains in 1982 the Prize of the best play of café-theater. In 1986 and 1987, he co-wrote two feature films, Black mic mac and L'Oeil au beur (re) noir, before embarking on production, in 1991, with Great, my parents are getting a divorce. After a few appearances in the cinema alongside Michel Galabru, Roger Hanin, Jacques Villeret, Richard Berry or Jeanne Moreau, he directed and performed in 1994 Nine months, which met with great public success. Then he plays in Alexandre Arcady and XY by Jean-Paul Lilienfeld, before returning to directing with Love and Confusions and Second life.


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