Charlotte bovy

Photographer of the Photo4Food Foundation at the 2020 contact sheets festival

Charlotte bovy

Guest of the Photo4Food Foundation at the 2020 Contact Plates festival

After studying literature and theater in New York, Charlotte Bovy turned to photography. His first exhibitions immediately reveal his attraction for black and white and question our relationship to time and oblivion. She manipulates her images and uses them as a material in the search for other images. Cut out, recomposed, reassembled, fragmented, his photographic images are often used in order to draw a new image, this one being the work itself. In 2018, she exhibited in Paris the Fragment (s) series, a farewell ceremony to the century-old pines of the Villa Medici which were felled. This series marks the beginning of his reflection on the memorial power of trees, both intimate and collective.

Normandy is home to some of the oldest trees in France. These old gentlemen are the guardians of our history, the symbols of our municipalities. They are centuries old, sometimes millennia, and have been marked by the life in their flesh. They are symbols of wisdom, longevity, boldness and serenity.
Standing at the foot of the tree, observing it, imposes silence, forces us to think about what opposes the ephemeral and the lasting, to confront a temporality that is not that of man. To paint their portrait is to tame their mysteries and our past.

Charlotte bovy


The Photo4Food Foundation's mission is to finance meals for the most disadvantaged through the sale of art photos taken by young artists, and the reception of donations from the public. These artists donated some of their works for the benefit of the foundation. The foundation, to thank and encourage them, also promotes their work to a large community of enthusiasts and buyers, in particular by organizing exhibitions of the main works.

Auction: October 23, 2020 - Salle des Fêtes - 118 ter, Avenue de la République. 

Exhibition from October 17 to January 3, 2020 - On Deauville beach, in front of the Point de vue. 


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