Villa Strassburger

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1 avenue Strassburger


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  • English


Situated in a green area, the Strassburger Villa is the perfect setting for weddings, seminars, congresses and lectures. It is composed of 3 ground floor halls covering 170 m2 in total, leading to a terrace with a view on a typically regional garden. In summer, outdoor cocktails may be organized. HISTORY: The Villa Strassburger, an architectural jewel, is a truly example of a Belle Epoque holiday home. Situated close to the racecourse, it was built for Baron Henri de Rothschild on the site of the Ferme du Coteau, a farm belonging to Gustave Flaubert's family, in 1907. Later, in 1924, it was bought by Ralph Beaver Strassburger, rich American newspaper publisher. With timber framing, a checked brick structure, roof projections, it is emblematic of the Norman regionalism. On the ground floor, there’s a central hall conducting to smoking, living and dining room, and an office. A staircase leads to the private apartments and the guest rooms situated on the first floor. The villa has preserved, as it rarely happens, original furniture, knick-knacks, family portraits and several horse paintings. Nothing has changed since 1980, when the Strassburger family bequeathed the Villa to the City of Deauville. It is listed among the Historical Monuments since 1975.