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Mad Lords

Jewelery, Tattoo - Piercing

92 Eugène Colas Street


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  • English




Monday : 10: 30 à 19: 00

Friday : 10: 30 à 19: 00

On Saturday: 10: 30 à 19: 00

Sunday: 10: 30 à 19: 00

Click and collect: Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays from 10:30 am to 19:06 pm - Information 58 00 51 83 XNUMX or via Site.

Mad Lords is a house of jewelry nestled in the heart of rue Eugène colas in Deauville. A warm place.
It looks like the South - that of California - once the doors of this cave of Ali Baba for aficionados of singular jewelry have been pushed open. In the Mad Lords windows, between a large engine (a motorcycle throne in the shop) and “curiosity” furniture sparkle the most beautiful creations of niche jewelers: Jacquie Aiche, Marla Aaron, Pascale Monvoisin, Maria Tash, Gunda or Rusty Thought - sharp pieces noticed by the two founders of the place, Caroline and Serge Muller.

The +: possibility of payment in 4 installments

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At Mad Lords we find jewels selected with passion by the founders of the brand during trips around the world. Creations of craftsmen and artists with the most diverse influences with which the brand seems to have fallen in love. U.S. too...