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Mustache ice cream

Ice cream parlors, Tea room, Take away

16 Rue Michel d'Ornano


Mustache ice creams will delight your taste buds. Made in Saint-Malo, these artisanal, top-of-the-range ice creams appeal to all gourmets!
The "Madeleine" ice cream was exclusively created for the Villers boutique ... It may make you melt with pleasure! You can also test the other flavors and even bring some back for dinner, they are on sale in 125 or 550 ml jars.
Sacha, at the helm of this new place, also offers a tea room to comfort you on a rainy day or to recharge your batteries after a busy day sipping a 100% natural drink from the "Girls of the West" or a tasty tea. of "Flore Norman".

Mustache 3 2020 DR

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