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CAYCEDIAN SOPHROLOGY improves people’s life quality through individual or collective sessions. It joins oriental meditation techniques, yoga and western relaxation, based on breathing. It develops consciousness to harmonize body and mind in a physical, physical and emotional relaxation. Its application fields: stress, anxiety, fear, sleep, pain, exams, maternity, memory, addiction, mourning, personal development, sport...

PLANTAR REFLEXOLOGY is an alternative medicine coming from traditional Chinese medicine. It relieves tension, ensures the free circulation of the body vital energy by precise, specific and deep massages of feet and foot arch. It treats and stimulates reflex points in correspondence with the body organs. It harmonizes vital functions, releases stress and nervous tensions, improves blood circulation, brings relaxation and deep relaxation, activates the lymphatic system, and loosens muscles...

AYURVEDIC TREATMENT (Abhyanga) is an energizing and relaxing massage*on the whole body with properly heated sesame oil, known for preventive virtues and its ability to harmonize the vital energy of the body. It has multiple benefits: it relaxes completely, relieves physical pain, facilitates energy, lymphatic and blood circulation, removes tension, reduces tiredness, reinforce vitality...* this relaxation and wellness treatment has no therapeutic purpose and could not replace a medical care provided by a masseur-physiotherapist).

EQUISOPHROLOGY is sophrology assisted by horses. It is addressed to horse riders and not. It leads people to work on themselves. People can get in contact with horses, reflecting their emotions, just through relaxation. Application fields: stress, emotions, fear, anxiety, personal development, trust and self-esteem, body anchoring, development of equestrian abilities…

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