Deauville - from 3rd to 5th of May 2019

Every year in spring, the Book & Music Festival pays tribute to writers inspired by music. Dozens of authors and musicians are the protagonists of this Festival on a different theme every year and offer activities like readings, meetings and unprecedented shows.

In 2018, on the occasion of the anniversary of May 1968, the Festival tried to figure out how literature and music accompanied the great rebellion movements.

An Irish ballad in Deauville
In 2019, the Book & Music Festival will be focusing on a country long divided by religious, linguistic and political conflicts: Ireland. The Irish never stop surprising us. They are nationalist, sea lovers, survivors clinging to their land. They have travelled, fled into exile, emigrated and have chosen irony and humour to protect themselves against pain and poverty.
LIreland with its endless variety of colours, landscapes and astonishing skies, its numerous poets and writers (4 Nobel Prizes in just one century!), fantastic inventors of stories and much more shaped the Irish identity. From May 3 to 5, the Book & Music Festival will seek the Irish spirit, oral signs in today’s writings, the genius characterizing Irish literature in order to show the incredible power of fantasy once again.

The youth version of the Book & Music Festival is also open to students. The first literary event dedicated to Norman students (about 5,000 pupils and 95 schools are awaited) will be held on May 3. For 3 days, the Deauville Micro-Folie will be celebrating Ireland under the attentive eye of Dracula!

15 meetings, readings, round tables, shows
1 students’ day
1 youth area at the Micro-Folie Deauville
2 literary prizes


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