From April 16th to 18th – Deauville


2016: Viva italia

Every year in spring, the "Book & Music Festival" pays tribute to some musicians inspired by music. Tens of authors and musicians are the protagonists of this festival, devoted to a different theme every year. By pursuing the path of exploring foreign literature undertaken in 2013, the 2016 edition will be devoted to Italy. This edition, under Italo Calvino’s wing, great fable writer and father of famous heroes, remains faithful to his values: sharing, opening, discovering and quality.

30 appointments, 60 authors, songwriters, musicians, guest editors
Meetings, workshops, musical readings or concerts, you’ll be at the heart of the Festival and of its amazing program. Exclusive, rare and intimate moments are ensured.
The Viva Italia program
A glance at the current multi-faceted, engaged, poetical and political Italian literature, including renowned characters of the letters crossing the Alps and a new generation of writers, worried for the far-reaching changes of their country.
"Roulez jeunesse" program
A place – the youth area – hosting several workshops, meetings and a keenly awaited school day for about 2000 students.
"Dans le vent", the program of the current literary scene in France
A program providing three literary prizes to accompany and support news' events inspired by music.

© Laurent Lachèvre

© Sandrine Boyer-Engel

© Sandrine Boyer-Engel

Open up to the world. For over a decade, the Book & Music Festival has been inventing a new way of travelling through literature.

Raphaëlle Rivière, Festival manager