The six books in competition for the Prix de la Ville de Deauville 2020. The winner will be awarded on Saturday April 4 during the Festival.

Broken Soul - Gallimard Editions

Tokyo, 1938. Four amateur musicians passionate about Western classical music meet regularly at the Cultural Center to rehearse. Around Japanese Yu, an English teacher, three Chinese students, Yanfen, Cheng and Kang, remained in Japan, despite the war in which the expansionist policy of the Empire is plunging Asia.
One day, the rehearsal is brutally interrupted by the arrival of soldiers. Yu's violin is broken by a soldier, the Sino-Japanese quartet is on board, suspected of plotting against the country. Concealed in a wardrobe, Rei, the eleven-year-old son of Yu, attended the scene. He will never see his father again ... The child escapes the violence of the soldiers thanks to Lieutenant Kurokami who, far from denouncing him when he discovers him in his hiding place, entrusts him with the destroyed violin. This event constitutes for Rei the first injury that will mark her whole life ...
In this novel with delicate charm, Akira Mizubayashi explores the question of memory, uprooting and impossible mourning. We find there the themes dear to the author of a language from elsewhere: literature and music, two forms of art which, deepening over time until becoming the very substance of life , defy death. 

Three concerts - Editions Phebus

As a closed and silent child, Clarisse seems to hear sounds a second early. Could music save her from isolation? At seven, she provokes chance by becoming a pupil of Viktor Sobolevitz. And shares with this famous and misanthropic master the same uncompromising love of art. But to make a career in music, you need more than talent. Unprepared for competition, the young cellist will soon learn it ... When she meets Rémy Nevel, a music, media and ambitious critic, her destiny could change. Even if it means losing a few illusions in passing, Lola Gruber, mixing the scores of these three characters, offers us an extraordinary initiation novel, which is also a reflection on our thirst for purity and recognition.

Turntables - Threshold Editions

Jean, an elderly writer, lives in a former convent, not far from Paris. One evening, returned by train, he stops in the PMU bar in the village. To take a drink. To be alone among others. The vision of a young blonde woman, singer of an amateur group, will awaken the past.
It was in 1976. The young novelist was then in writing residency in the United States and sought to slag. In the corridor of a bar, he meets Platinum, crazy rock star of the New York underground. From this furtive encounter, he drew a book which appeared in 1978 and won the Goncourt Prize. A few months later, she agrees, against all odds, to play her own role in adapting the novel that he has to produce himself. It is the beginning of their adventure, but he remains the little "Frenchie" in the dizziness of Manhattan. And love stories often come to an end. This will smash him.
To accept to see Marie, the young singer without great talent, with the same platinum blondness, is to run the risk of stirring up painful memories whose isolation is supposed to protect him. It also opens up a chance: that of writing again.
Julien Decoin signs a novel that is both nostalgic and extremely contemporary, in a punk and romantic spirit, on a sustained rhythm, and inspired by the extravagant character of Debbie Harry, from the group Blondie.

Chopin's telegraph operator - Threshold Editions

Prague, autumn 1995: a resident pretends to "receive" at her home the visit of an illustrious composer, of whom she has the privilege to bring to the attention of the greatest number the scores he dictates to her over the course of their meetings. To the point of seducing a record company. Except that the great man in question is called Frédéric Chopin, and that he died in Paris, a century and a half earlier ...
Deception? Mystification? Such, in any case, is the very natural feeling of Ludvík Slaný, journalist, when he is about to investigate this story on behalf of the television of a state which has recently emerged from the communist era.
Then begins a ghost hunt, between obtuse materialism and beliefs of all kinds, spies converted into private investigators, supporters of an old order metamorphosed into young wolves of the new regime, where a peaceful retired canteen reveals to an upset world the share of shadow and madness on which he reinvents himself.

Ravel, a musical imagination - Delcourt Editions

1936. Ravel sets out to tell his story to his faithful friend and disciple Roland-Manuel. We are witnessing the creation of Gaspard de la nuit, Daphnis and Chloé, the Concerto for the left hand and the Boléro. The musician embarks on a
variegated evocation of his life, woven of unwavering friendships and musical brilliance, where we meet Debussy, Fauré, Ida Rubinstein or Colette. And his most famous and numerous compositions are located in the context (references, tribute, influences, etc.) of their creation.

Opus 77 - Editions Viviane Hamy

“One day, in a thousand years, an archaeologist will explore your refuge. He will understand that the military work has been recycled as a hermitage. And if he has the idea of ​​scratching under paint or lime, he will unearth colorful frescoes entitled The Life of David Claessens in seven paintings. I know them by heart, they are forever engraved in my poor memory, I can describe them to you, if you want to make your imagination work:
The child prodigy chooses his way.
It arouses hopes and ambitions.
The son stumbles, moves away, rehashes.
In his exile, the child becomes a man.
The prodigal son, trying to return to his home, goes astray.
Wounded, he wasted away in his concrete prison.
But unlike New York tapestries, your story is ongoing; we have a few pictures left to write, you and me, and I don't despair of getting you out of the bunker one day. The key to your enclosure, cell 77, I have it, David. Me, Ariane, your sister. "



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