The eight books in competition for the 2016 City of Deauville Literary Award. The winner will be announced on April 16 at 7:30 pm - Villa Le Cercle - Deauville.

Stephane Barscaq

The piano in the education of young girls

Albin Michel - Selection for the City of Deauville's Books & Music Prize

Is it possible to find true love in a society dedicated to enjoyment and individualism?

Volodia, a young history professor in love with literature, music and the absolute, is certain of it. To take us on this initiatory journey, Stéphane Barsacq dips his ink in humor, wit and verve. We laugh and we cry at the tragi-comic situations, and at what his view of our singularly crazy world reveals.

Philippe Broussard

Living a hundred days and one

Edition Stock -Selectionfor the City of Deauville's Books & Music Prize

In this book, constructed like a novel but based solely on real facts, the author reconstructs a little-known episode in Billie Holiday's career from day to day. He follows in the footsteps of an indomitable "Lady Day", finds forgotten witnesses and plunges the reader into the troubling atmosphere of the late fifties.

Fanny Chiarello

In his own role

L'Olivier-Selection Book & Music Prize of the City of Deauville

A poorly addressed letter and a shared passion for opera will lead to the meeting of two women and turn their destinies upside down. The inner journey of two women in search of the absolute and of emancipation is the story of this novel, as dark as the world in which they seem to be trapped, and as luminous as the love that pushes them to free themselves.

Orange Book Prize 2015

Landernau Discovery Award 2015

Virginie Despentes

Vernon subutex Vol 2

Grasset-Selection for the City of Deauville's Books & Music Prize

WHO IS VERNON SUBUTEX ? An urban legend? A fallen angel? A missing person who keeps resurfacing? The holder of a secret? The last witness of a vanished world? The ultimate face of our inhuman comedy? The ghost of us all?

Landerneau Novel Prize 2015


Abdourahman Waberi

The divine song

Zulma-Selection for the City of Deauville's Books & Music Prize

The Divine Song is a novel, a love story that takes up an exemplary life, that of an Afro-American singer, composer and poet born in Chicago in 1949, whose immense genius and harsh destiny no one can ignore: Gil Scott-Heron, reinvented here under the name of Sammy the Enchanter.

Winner of the Louis Guilloux Prize 2015

Fabrice Loi


Gallimard-Selection for the City of Deauville's Books & Music Prize

Tony Palacio, a showman and jazz trumpeter, leaves the family lottery and goes up to Marseille. Between survival and petty trafficking, he meets Max Opale, a former military man turned ballistics expert. By turns friend, mentor and rival, Max Opale introduces Tony to violence in an investigation linked to the Somali pirates. A novel about our ideals, and about the links between music, poetry and politics.

Pierre Grillet

Ms. Dream

Edition Stock-Selection Books & Music Prize of the City of Deauville

At the origin of the most mythical song of Alain Bashung, there is a man. And an impossible love. Pierre Grillet tells the story of this woman who inspired him to write lyrics that we know by heart in spite of ourselves: they loved each other, they fled, they betrayed each other, they were reconciled. They played with their lives. Natasha haunted New York, luxury hotels and psychiatric hospitals. The lovers were lost but the love remained; this is what we discover, page after page, in this bewitching book.

Olivier Baumont

To the opera, Sir!

Gallimard-Selection for the City of Deauville's Books & Music Prize

Saint-Simon knew how to listen to his time, and if he perhaps only heard its music, he was nevertheless careful to memorize everything. The musical echoes that reach us today are magnified by his literary genius; they never cease to be exciting, surprising, and rich in new perceptions of both the period and the author himself.


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