Villes-sur-mer - Le Villaré - August 18, 2019

Created in 2015, the fair invites every year about fifty authors and leading figures to enjoy a Sunday in Villers-sur-mer to meet and discuss with their readers.

Paper books are the favourite books for literature lovers, sentimentally attached to paper books’ smell, texture and presence in a library. Novels, crime novels, comics, youth books...hundreds of people - moved by curiosity or awareness - enter the Villaré, the associative and cultural centre of Villers-sur-mer, to get a book with a dedication by their favourite author or a professional they have listened to during an event around literature.

Further activities are also scheduled all day long: readings, literary coffee sessions, round tables, children's activities and the “Nouvelle” prize awarding ceremony.

Film director Claude Lelouch is the sponsor of the Book Fair of Villers-sur-mer since its foundation.

© Naïade Plante

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