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Bertrand bonello

member of the Palmarès Jury of the 47th American Film Festival

Director, Screenwriter, Producer, Composer

"That one feels or is inspired by the real is for me a necessity, but it is then necessary to release from it and to appropriate it. To feel free."

With eight feature films - including three presented in competition at the Cannes Film Festival, Tiresia (2003), L'Apollonide - Souvenirs de la maison close (2011) and Saint Laurent (2014) -, eight short films, an exhibition at the Center Pompidou ( “Résonances”, 2014), a book (“Films fantômes”), three albums and numerous musical interventions (he is a member of the Laurie Markovitch collective and composes the music for all his films), Bertrand Bonello is an artist as sulphurous as he is accomplished, which never ceases to amaze by its singularity in the landscape of contemporary creation. The strangeness that emerges from his first intimate film, Something Organic, will spread throughout his work to the assumed fantasy of his latest film Zombi Child, presented at the Directors' Fortnight in 2019.