Koto Bolofo

The exhibition on the beach 2019

© Koto Bolofo
© Koto Bolofo
© Koto Bolofo

Born in South Africa, Koto Bolofo grew up in Great Britain where his family took refuge for political reasons. Studying in a school of art and design in London, he discovered photography and fell in love with the technique of shooting and printing. In 1988, his meeting with Richard Avedon confirmed him in his photographic writing. For several years, Koto Bolofo has worked for major magazines and newspapers, such as "Vogue", "The New York Times", "Vanity Fair" and "Numéro" as well as for fashion brands, such as Burberry, Hermès, or Louis Vuitton . After Peter Lindgberth and Peter Knapp, it is up to Koto Bolofo, fashion photographer, to appear in giant format on Deauville beach.

I went to an art and design school in London. My classes were scheduled for five years and in my second year, I took a three-week crash course in photography. I
then spontaneously fell in love with photography and the printing technique. The experience of being in the dark room and illuminating, exposing a dim light source
on a piece of white paper, then moving my hands between the dim light, then immerse the paper in the first solution and suddenly see an image appear out of nowhere ... for me, it was like an old witchcraft: VooDoo! ! in the dark.
Finally, after skipping two years of class because of my "love story" with the photographic print and the shooting, I was expelled from this school.
It made me more determined. I continued and developed a style in my photographs, until Conde Nast Italy took me under his wing, for which I became a regular contributor.
In 1988, Grandmaster Richard Avedon left several voice messages on my phone. He wanted to meet me and greatly admired my work. It was one of the biggest meetings of my life. It was at the beginning of my career that Richard Avedon told me to persevere in my photographic writing.
Shortly after he left for New York the following week, I received his book. entitled IN THE AMERICAN WEST RICHARD AVEDON. When he opened the book, an autograph signed by him, which said: "FOR KOTO BOLOFO WELCOME FROM DICK AVEDON 88". During the same year, I went to New York where he welcomed me with open arms.
My first date was with Alexender Liberman at American Conde Nast who congratulated me on my photographic work. I would like to emphasize that all my photographs are drawn by hand, by my printer, and that I am always present in the dark room to be as precise as possible.
I can only say one thing: the VooDoo !! is still there.

Open-air outdoor exhibition on Deauville beach from October 19 to January 5, 2020.

Koto Bolofo is represented by Agence Artsphère.


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