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Frank-Myers Boggs


In the open air, facing the English Channel, Frank-Myers Boggs came from New York to join the other impressionists he meets: Monet, sometimes, Jongkind, more often. He takes up their codes and know-how, the meticulous attention to the climate, the taste for this particular light ... By successive strokes, he paints veiled and hazy landscapes where the light seems to come from the canvas itself, in the manner of a watercolor. The influence of the Flemish painter Jongkind, his friend, is found in the safety of the drawing as well as in the use of dark colors which characterize academic painting, unlike the colored shadows of the Impressionists. Dieppe, morning mist is emblematic of the work of Frank-Myers Boggs by its tone and impressionist treatment. Immersed in a luminous gray, the fringed volumes of the sailboats float in the sea and the sky which merge. The small ocher sails and the large vermeille recall the colors of dawn.