January 31 1861 : Birth at Passy of Jacques-Émile Blanche, son and grandson of famous alien doctors.

1873 : Dr. Blanche and her family move into a mansion on rue des Fontis in Auteuil.

1875 : First visit to Manet with Edmond Maître, who also introduced him to the Fantin-Latour workshop. Buy works by Monet and Cézanne. Beginning of an important collection of paintings which extends that of his father.

1879 : Meet Oscar Wilde. Accompany Edmond Maître to Monet's workshop, where he acquires La Chaumière. Construction begins on the chalet at Bas-Fort-Blanc in Dieppe. His early works are appreciated by Renoir.

1880 : Decide to be a painter.

1881 : Painted in front of Manet La Brioche, a decisive canvas for his career. Take painting lessons with Henri Gervex, friend of his parents. Meet Degas at the first sale of the Courbet workshop.

1882 : Exhibits for the first time at the Salon of French artists. Goes to London with Gervex, Helleu and Rodin; meets Whistler, Besnard and Sickert.

1886 : Meet André Gide.

1887 : Finds Whistler in London and becomes a member of the New English Art Club. Contributes to La Revue wagnérienne under the pseudonym James E. White and to La Revue independent.

1889 : Participate in the exhibition of "Thirty-three", Galerie Georges Petit. Enjoys a special room at the Ve Exhibition of the Society of Pastellists, as part of the Universal Exhibition. Painted the Study for the Portrait of Stéphane Mallarmé and his friends from The Independent Review.

1890 : Painted the portrait of his father, mother and George Moore.

1891 : Meet Marcel Proust. Spend the summer at the Manoir des Frémonts, residence of Arthur Baignières, in Trouville.

1892 : Painted the Portrait of Marcel Proust.

1893 : Death of his father.

1895 : Marriage with Rose Lemoinne. Painted White Rose elongated. Death of his mother.

1896 : Rent every summer and autumn the castle of Tout-la-Ville in Saint-Martin-aux-Chartrains, located between Deauville and Pont L'Évêque, until 1901.

1897 : Painted the portrait of the Young Son of the painter Helleu.

1900 : Gold medal at the Universal Exhibition for The Painter Thaulow and his children.

1902 : Rent the Manoir du Tôt in Offranville, where he stays every summer.

1906 : Rent a studio in London, which he regularly occupied until 1910.

1909 : Attend the first ballet show presented in Paris by the Russian Ballets of which he becomes the "godfather". The dancers will pose at his house.

1912 : Personal exhibition at the Venice Biennale. Painted the portrait of André Gide and Jean Cocteau in the garden of Offranville.

1913 : Painted the Study for the portrait of Igor Stravinsky.

1919 : Publication of the Painters' Proposals I, From David to Degas (prefaced by Proust).

1921 : Blanche offers a first donation of her works to the Rouen museum.

1922 : Publication of his first novel Aymeris, with fifty illustrations by the author. Painted The Group of Six.

1923 : Inauguration of a "White" room at the Rouen museum. Painted the Full-Length Portrait of Radiguet.

1928 : Publishes About painter III, From Gauguin to the Revue nègre, as well as My models and Passy.

1936 : Begins writing his memories Portraits of a Lifetime published in English in 1937, followed in 1939 by More Portraits of a Lifetime.

1939 : Death of Rose at the age of 79 in Paris. Leave the Manoir du Tôt (required by the English command) and move to Clos Bernard in Offranville.

1940 : Bombing of Offranville. He stopped painting due to eye problems.

1941 : Writing of his memoirs, La Pêche aux souvenirs, complement to Portraits of a Lifetime and More Portraits of a Lifetime.

September 30, 1942 : Death of Jacques-Émile Blanche in Offranville. He is buried in the Passy cemetery.



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