Wellness: 8 activities for a smooth recovery

In Deauville, people have been bathing in seawater for 200 years for its therapeutic benefits. Today, two thalassos and numerous spas perpetuate this tradition to offer a wellness break through massages, body treatments and health sports sessions. 

1. Thalassos and spas to be pampered


The warmth of a bubbling bath, the modelling of a hydrojet, the virtues of seaweed and marine mud, the delicious smell of essential oils... This winter, head for the thalassos and spas inDeauville, where you can be pampered by the expert hands of the practitioners, who will take care of you to offer you a wellness and cocooning interlude

Two thalassos are open to epicureans: the Thalasso Deauville by Algotherm and theInstitut des Cures Marines Trouville Hôtel Thalassa Sea & Spa. Two destinations in their own right, in a zen setting on the beach. You can come for an hour, a day or a week in search of peace and quiet, to try out traditional seawater-based treatments, get a massage, go on a cure, and of course, recharge your batteries. Quicker but no less effective, the treatments offered in spas pamper the back, face, head and feet for our greatest happiness. Ayurvedic, Balinese or Polynesian, massages and massages awaken our senses and take us on a journey around the globe.


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Thalassos and spas to be pampered
Béatrice Augier / David Morganti / Sandrine Boyer-Engel / Cures Marines Trouville

2. Yoga to find your balance


Yoga to find your balance
Naiad Plant

An ancestral art straight from India and practiced by millions of yogis around the world, yoga draws its benefits from relaxation and letting go. There are two main families: gentle yoga and dynamic yoga.

As its name indicates, the first practice proposes slower movements, solicits less the cardio and adapts very well to the beginners, seniors and young mothers. We find Hatha Yoga (the most widespread in the West, combining physical postures - asanas - and breathing exercises - pranayama) or Yin Yoga (relaxing postures anchored to the ground over a long period of time, from 2 to 6 minutes). More rhythmic, energetic and physically demanding, dynamic yoga links postures at a fast and athletic pace, while maintaining a deep and slow breathing. Different versions are offered to participants, fromAshtanga Yoga (based on the synchronization of the breath and the fast and precise series of postures) to Vinyasa Yoga (more free and creative than Ashtanga, because the series are not imposed) to Iyengar Yoga (based on the precise physical alignment of the body and favors the use of accessories).


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3. Pilates for deep muscle work


Yoga class ©Pixabay

Inspired by several disciplines including yoga, dance and gymnastics, pilates is based on deep muscle work, namely stature and posture. Thanks to the gentle and harmonious movements punctuated by the central breath, one finds an optimal alignment of the spine, improves flexibility, tones the body as a whole and evacuates stress. InDeauville, it is practiced in the Spa Diane Barrière Le Normandy and at theInstitut des Cures Marines Trouville Hôtel Thalassa Sea & Spain group classes or in individual personalized sessions.


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4. Nordic walking to revitalize yourself


Because this activity is gentle, rejuvenating and accessible to all, Nordic walking is THE solution to get back into sports this fall! Derived from cross-country skiing born in Finland in the 19th century, this walk is faster than hiking thanks to the use of two specific poles that accentuate the natural movement of the arms and allow you to walk faster, longer, with less fatigue. Each session begins with warm-ups and ends with stretching. With Bungy Deauvillethe Thalasso Deauville by Algotherm and theInstitute of Marine Cures Trouville Hôtel Thalassa Sea & SpaBungy is practiced with gusto on the seaside dykes and on the sand, close to the waves, to breathe in the iodine air at the top of your lungs.


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Nordic walking to revitalize yourself
Naiad Plant

5. Sophrology to harmonize body and mind


Sophrology to harmonize body and mind
Royalty free photo / Wanida Prapan

Created in the 1960s by Alfonso Caycedo, a neuropsychiatrist, sophrology consists of a set of relaxation techniques, breathing, movements and muscular relaxation. It has many virtues such as physical relaxation and mental relaxation. The session begins with an exchange between the participant and the sophrologist, in order to know the motivations of its coming and to adapt the course of it. This is followed by stretching, relaxation and positive visualization exercises, each guided by the practitioner's voice. At the end of the session, the participant expresses himself on the positive effects felt during the exercises but also on the difficulties encountered. It is practiced in group sessions with the Thalasso Deauville by Algotherm or in individual sessions with Anne Gaston-Carrère.

6. Reflexology to relax


Foot reflexology session ©Léo Lemasson
Leo Lemasson

Originating from traditional Chinese medicine, this increasingly popular technique consists of stimulating "reflex zones" by massaging them with the fingertip. Whether they are on the feet, hands, ears or face, these zones are each linked to an organ or a part of the body. By manually working on these reflex points, the reflexologist acts at a distance to relieve pain, release tension and promote the proper circulation of energy. With the reflexologist Anne Gaston-CarrèreReflexology is practiced with the eyes closed, comfortably installed on a massage table or an armchair, in a peaceful environment suitable for relaxation.

7. Respirology to control your breath


Breathing well is the basis of our vital energy; still unknown, respirology is the new wellness tool that helps to control our breathing! However linked to emotions, it can be impacted by stress, fatigue and any other negative feeling. To better oxygenate your body and brain, the coaches at theInstitut des Cures Marines Trouville Hôtel Thalassa Sea & Spa teach how to use your breathing function in an optimal way and take the time to fill your chest cavity to the maximum through simple exercises in the pool, in the studio or outdoors.

Respirology to control your breath
David Morganti

8. Aquabike to pedal with a smile


Aquabike to pedal with a smile

Like aquagym, Aquabike immerses you in water up to your chest to perform dynamic movements... on a bike! With your feet firmly planted on the pedals, you stand up, sit down, speed up and then slow down under the expert advice of the coaches at the Thalasso Deauville by Algotherm or theInstitut des Cures Marines Trouville Hôtel Thalassa Sea & Spa. The exercises follow one another, the cardio rises to a crescendo, the body members, from the legs to the arms and the abdominal muscles, work in depth. On the program, good humor and surpassing oneself! For more comfort and privacy, Aquabike can also be practiced in a private cabin with Deauvital and Esprit de Spa by M. Like real individual whirlpools, the cabins offer a personalized session where you choose the duration (30 or 45 minutes), the intensity of the effort and the water temperature.


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