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Pauline Miserez

Young talent photographer of the 2013 Planche (s) Contact festival

© Pauline Miserez for Board (s) Contact 2013

In search of the crystal horse

"I did not know that a horse could inspire such admiration. In fact, I never even imagined it. It is true that they are all brilliant and wonderful. All those who take care of them, and they are many, love them so strangely and intensely that they disappear behind the object of their affection. These people are also beautiful. They are shy and tender, and they all call me Madame. I do not yet understand their dependence on these creatures, but I try to do it by observing them. During the time that the shooting lasts, while they try to reach the ideal image that their idol projects, they forget me and let me glimpse a little bit of their identity. "