Bertrand Belin

Invited to the Books & Music Festival 2017

Bertrand Belin is musician, author and composer. Born in Auray in 1970, he went to Paris in 1989. For several years, always preserving his career of singer, he has been working in the field of theatre, dance and cinema. After Requin, his first and rather poetic book, Bertrand Belin proposes a short and highly dense text where all the strangeness and elliptical constructions of an artist-writer are found. The protagonists are three fishermen, sailing close to Quiberon in a historical period that could be World War II Occupation – but it is not so sure. They are the boss (called “the other”), the first employee, the older, called “the third man”, and a young man, called “the younger”. The reader can follow their everyday actions, fishing activity and their tense relationship due to the violent personality of the other. On the last day, they discover that the main event of the day is not that a cormorant remained trapped in the net, but that “the other” killed a soldier of the occupation army in the morning while they were about to sail. He is arrested on that evening and will be executed. That’s all and that’s amazing: Bertrand Belin is able to turn intense even the shortest expressions, the shortest words, fill them up with hidden information and make them menacing.
To read – Bertrand Belin, Littoral, POL, 2016 – Requin, POL, 2015.
To listen – Bertrand Belin, Cap Waller, Cinq 7- Wagram, 2015.