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Villa Les Abeilles

15 boulevard Cornuché


In the 10s, the seamstress Irène Paquin gave carte blanche to the architect Auguste Bluysen (architect of villas in Le Touquet, Grand Rex cinema) to design this villa which was very successful in the architectural magazines of the time. Its Norman references (finials, flat tiles) cross Art Nouveau quotes, like curved timber framing.

Built of concrete covered with briquette facing, its openings are generous. The architecture of the staircase tower, lit by a large glass roof, realistically expresses its vocation. It was later owned by André Citroën.

In 1912, the architect specifies: No program was given to me, except to make a thing of modern spirit, not art nouveau, but clear and cheerful. "Life in the countryside" newspaper

To see for its exterior architecture. The villa cannot be visited.

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