J. Jacquemot

On the seaside

At the beach of Deauville

Two kilometers of beach, 450 beach umbrellas, 450 beach cabins, a seawater Olympic swimming pool, two ports, a tennis club, 22 shops, exhibitions, events; the beach of Deauville is a harbour of happiness for any needs. Represented by Claude Lelouch in the film “A woman and a man”, its romantic setting seduces lovers, holiday-makers, bathers, sports makers, horse riders or jockeys all year long.

Plage de Deauville © Valentin
Plage de Deauville © S. Boyer-Engel
Plage de Deauville © A. Halley
Chevaux sur la plage
Plage de Deauville © D. Barré

Plage de Deauville © Valentin

Plage de Deauville © S. Boyer-Engel

Plage de Deauville © A. Halley

Chevaux sur la plage

Plage de Deauville © D. Barré

The must

The Boardwalk

It is one of the most legendary places of Deauville. The Boardwalk, built in 1923, stretches along the foreshore establishment and 450 Art deco cabins. It is 643 m long and is made of Azobe wood. Fences are marked with the names of filmmakers and actors receiving a tribute during the American Film Festival. And it has been lasting since 1975!

Small Anecdote
The Boardwalk has been used to host fashion parades! From the 1920s, girls have been parading along the Bar de la Mer and the Pompeian Baths. In 1930, Miss France Yvette Labrousse and other European Misses made this place popular!

The Boardwalk

Le Point de Vue

Built in the 1930s by the Deauville Yacht Club, Le Point de Vue turns out to be too far from the municipal port. After having served several purposes, it is now an exhibition place. In summer, you'll discover part of the Franciscaines collection. In winter, the Planche(s) Contact exhibitions, and the Photographic Festival of Deauville are organized here.

Le Point de Vue

7, boulevard de la mer -


Close to the beach, at the end of the Boardwalk, children can have a merry-go-round tour to take the pompom and try the small electric car circuit, placed on a dedicated path. Driving licence on top of everything! A game area has also been placed in the great area of the foreshore park.

Boulevard de la Mer
Small-car children circuit (from 3 to 12) - +33 (0)
The headquarters of teenagers from 11 to 17 where several activities are played: beach-volley, sandball, ultimate, sea kayak, orienteering, football, volleyball, tennis, table tennis, swimming, badminton, board games, adventure parks.

Inscription for a day or a week in one of these groups: 11-13 year-olds or 14-17 year-olds.
From July 09 to August 25, 2018. On the Boardwalk close to Port Deauville.
Service du Front de Mer – place Claude Lelouch - +33 (0)
Inflatable games

Open during the school holidays and on weekends all year long from 9:30 am to 6 pm.
Boulevard de la Mer - +33 (0)


January 1st: Bath of January 1st.
End of June: the trails of the Triathlon International de Deauville cross the beach. *
July > September
: the summer exhibition takes place at the Point de Vue and on the Boardwalk. It is dedicated every year to the Franciscaines collection, future culture place that will open in 2020 in Deauville.
October > November: the beach welcomes one of the exhibitions of the Deauville Planche(s) Contact Photographic Festival.
June > September: Photo exhibition on the dyke of Port Deauville.

With your family or alone

Football, basketball, hand-ball and skate are practiced on the open air all year round.

Behind the Mer et sport club. Free access.
At the west side of the Boardwalk, go behind the Michel d’Ornano Walk and stroll on the foreshore, a large seaside area where you can relax on a bench under the sun.
Try the sport’s path and its wooden stops-by. You’ll also love the game area for children with soft soils and the giant heart made to hang locks while exchanging love declarations.

Every summer, the Biblio’tech de Deauville lays its shelves on the Boardwalk. You can borrow for free novels, magazines, comic strips and books.
In July and August from 12 am to 7 pm
Close to the beach, take on the challenge of this trail through 18 steps. You can also have lunch on a terrace in front of the trail.
Les Terrasses du mini-golf – Rue Reynaldo Hahn – Boulevard de la Mer – +33 (0)2 31 98 40 56

Naîade Plante
Le Parc des Lais de Mer
Lire à la plage © S. B. Engel
Golf Miniature © C. David

Naîade Plante

Le Parc des Lais de Mer

Lire à la plage © S. B. Engel

Golf Miniature © C. David

Sportive Deauville

In Deauville, runners often take the Boardwalk, then the Walk that leads up to the Aid station of Bénerville-sur-Mer (about 2.5 km starting from the Port Deauville Dyke). Sportsmen will have a larger choice: sports path in the foreshore park, sea water swimming at the Olympic swimming pool.
and its 19 courts – including 10 made of clay courts – are waiting for your volleys and your smashes right behind the Boardwalk. Courts may be rented. Stages and lessons are provided by a pool of professors. Some tournaments are scheduled by the Sporting Club association.

Municipal tennis – Boulevard de la mer – +33 (0)2 31 98 62 85

The local tennis club

3, boulevard de la Mer - 14800 Deauville -

The sailing school of the Deauville Yacht Club

At the Deauville Yacht Club, you can learn cabin boat sailing (J80). Teaching is adjusted to all levels: sport sailing, leisure sailing, for individuals, students or groups. At the school, people having acquired the 3rd level at the Fédération Française de voile (J80 or Grand Surprise) may take a two-hour trip or even rent a boat for a day.

If you already have a boat, the Deauville Yacht Club proposes some « coach plaisance » formulas to improve your technique, go offshore with an expert or progress in the boat management or preparation.

The saling school of the Deauville Yacht Club

Quai de la Marine - 14800 Deauville -

Staying under the beach umbrella

Installed from 1875 on the beach of Deauville, the beach umbrellas lost their stripes of the 1930s to acquire 5 homogeneous colours and be knotted around the pole. Maybe one of the most photographed in the world, the Deauville beach umbrella is not sold anywhere. It is designed every year in the ateliers of the city, repairing and dressing them up to rent them. A municipality service at low price.
Indicative price: from € 14 per day. A beach assistant (they are 13 in summer) will help you open the beach umbrella and take your seat.

Booking: Service du front de mer – Place Claude Lelouch - +33 (0)2 31 14 02 16

The famous beach umbrellas

Renting an Art deco cabin

The 450 Deauville cabins, divided into 9 courts with Art deco architecture, may be rented for a day, a week, a month or for the entire season. Three options: beach side on the famous Boardwalk, Boulevard side and small pools – ideal for children who love paddling in it – and finally the courtyard side for the “Crazy years” atmosphere. You’ll love the modern architecture of the structure, pure lines and the mosaics. A delicate universe made of atria, galleries and a fountain…
Indicative price: from € 12 per day, € 75 per week in July and August for a cabin with shower.
Reservation: Service du front de mer Place Claude Lelouch +33 (0)2 31 14 02 16

Eating and sleeping with view on the sea

Practical information

Take Boulevard Cornuché, then the foreshore parking (several possible options). Horse access is forbidden from March 20th to September 30th from 10 am to 7 pm, then from 10 am to 3:30 pm after October 1st.
Dogs are not allowed from 10 am to 7 pm from March 15 to November 15. Outside this time schedule, dogs are allowed at low tide at a distance of 100 m from the dyke and the Boardwalk.
Take the small touristic train of Deauville to reach the seaside, from the Boardwalk, and visit the must does of the city for a 40-minute walk.
The small tourist train is available from half April to half September and throughout school holidays of C zone.

Departure from the Hôtel de Ville or the International Deauville Centre.
Round trip: € 7 (adults) and € 4.50€ (under 12).
The bathing area stretches over 550 m and is 300 m wide. In July and August, 8 lifeguards owning the BNSSA (Brevet National de Sécurité et de Sauvetage Aquatique) and three CRS monitor the bathing area and the beach.
Monitoring is ensured:

  • from 28/04 to 31/05 on Saturdays, Sundays, festive days and bridge days from 11 am to 6 pm;
  • from June 1st to 30th on Saturdays, Sundays, festive days and bridge days from 11 am to 6 pm. A permanence is ensured (not lifted flame) from Monday to Friday from 11 am to 6 pm;
  • continuous service from July 1st to September 2nd from 11 am to 7 pm;

If any problems arise, call: + 33 (0)
Good to know: towering masts overlooked by a boat, a house, a train or a ball are placed on the beach to help children take their bearings.