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Beach: 10 vitamin activities

Deauville BeachBeatrice Augier

Sea breeze, infinite view of the sea and the sound of the waves, the six inDeauville beaches each have a soul of their own: scientific in Villers-sur-Mer, steep in Villerville, art deco in Deauville or family-friendly in Blonville-sur-Mer . Haven of happiness for all tastes, these fine sandy beaches delight lovers of thrills aboard a sand yacht, fascinate nature lovers with their majestic cliffs of Black Cow and Black Rock, seduce epicureans in quest for well-being during a reflexology session on the beach and amaze children with their beach clubs.

1. Walk along the Cliffs of the Black Cow


Step back in time on a guided tour of Black Cow Cliffs ! Geological curiosities dating from the Jurassic and Cretaceous (around 160 million years ago), these cliffs, more than 100 meters high, come from the accumulation of marine sediment deposits. Why "Black Cows"? The name comes from the words of sailors: the presence of large blocks of chalk collapsed at their feet on the beach and covered with algae, which would evoke, seen from the sea, a herd of cattle grazing quietly. Today we find fossils of ammonites, sea urchins, nautilus but also plesiosaurs and Ichthyosaurs.

For 2 hours, enjoy a family walk to take a deep breath of fresh air, discover all the secrets of this paleontological site and even collect fossils and other small trophies on the wet sand. To stimulate your curiosity even more, choose the Black Cow crossing, a 6km walk. Take the beach from Houlgate and discover the panorama of the cliffs as far as Villers-sur-Mer. These nature walks are offered by the Paléospace and supervised.


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Guided tour at the foot of the Black CowsDR
AmmoniteWilliam Gurnenwald
Black Cow CliffsJulien Boisard

2. Take a selfie on the Greenwich Meridian


Villers-sur-Mer beach is at the center of the world ... and for good reason! It is the first city to be crossed by the Greenwich Mean Time in continental Europe. This imaginary line connects the North Pole to the South Pole and separates the earth into two hemispheres, West and East. At the place marked on the seaside, the longitude is exactly 0. An ideal place to take a picture. A room Paléospace l'Odyssée is dedicated to the Greenwich Meridian. It offers an intimate scenography highlighting the very beautiful marine objects from the Paris Observatory and the museum's own collections.

Greenwich Mean TimeJulien Boisard

3. Watch the sun go down in Villerville


Since Graves Park, a descent to the sea from the top of Roches Noires and a network of trails have been developed. At the bend of the paths, we find exotic vegetation, witness to a time when beautiful villas occupied this space and where landscaped gardens were created from the XNUMXth century with rare essences mingling with local plants, wild plant species, as well as recent plantations and ponds.

On the beach side, the site can be discovered by taking the seaside at low tide (caution is required not to be blocked at the foot of the cliff by the rising tide). Of guided tours and other nature outings are regularly organized to discover the fauna, flora and fossils of this exceptional geological site.

Graves ParkMarine Le Guillard
Cliffs of the Roches NoiresCity of Villerville
Villerville BeachCamille david

4. Kayaking on the sea


From the sea, take a seat in a kayak for a hike at the foot of the Roches Noires accompanied by an instructor. With Concept Sport Emotion, it is a new point of view on the cliffs which is offered to you. For 2h30, you will walk along the 4km of clay cliffs that border the coast, alternating gentle slopes and vertical walls, culminating at 60 meters above sea level. Between the collection of fossils, bird watching on the rocky plateaus or the geological and historical discovery of the place, this site classified as Sensitive Natural Area will be available to you in all its diversity.

Kayak excursion with Concept Sport EmotionGwenaelle Huard-Marie

5. Take off in a sand yacht


Want speed on the sand? Taste the freedom during a sand yachting course on wet sand, riding on the beaches of Blonville-sur-Mer and Villers-sur-Mer! A real sand kart thanks to its speed and piloting, sand yachting is accessible to everyone, adults and children alike. In a half-lying, half-sitting position, you will take the wind, you will fly on two wheels and feel the breeze on your face. The sessions last 2 hours and are supervised by an instructor from Pole Nautique Villers-Blonville.


6. Go horseback riding on wet sand


A true institution on the Côte Fleurie, horses take advantage of the proximity to the sea every morning to come and relax and benefit from the benefits of sea water. cliffs of Roches Noires in Villerville, contemplate the multicolored umbrellas in Deauville and cross the Marshes in Blonville-sur-Mer, these are the activities offered by the inDeauville equestrian centers for riders of all levels. In group or private stroll, live the unique experience of treading the wet sand at a walk, trot or gallop while enjoying the sound of the waves.


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Horse ride on Deauville beachDelphine Barré Lerouxel
Horseback riding on the beach of Villers-sur-MerGrégory wait
Horse riding on the beachSandrine Chardon

7. Read on the beach


This summer, lovers of reading meet every day in front of The Read Kiosk at the beach, led by the Franciscan team. Free of charge, borrow for the day a detective story, a review, a documentary, a children's album… A large selection that feeds all literary appetites, including the youngest. No time to finish this captivating detective story? A nominative bookmark is slipped there. Put aside, the book will find its reader the next day. To devour on the deckchairs installed on the Boards or lying on the beach, feet in the sand.

"Read on the beach" kioskSimon Saint-Jal
"Read on the beach" kioskSimon Saint-Jal

8. Let go during a reflexology session


What could be better than combining the pleasures of relaxation and well-being? For the first time, reflexology sessions, plantar or cranial, are offered on Deauville beach. This thousand-year-old discipline practiced in ancient China is a gentle technique that uses the stimulation of specific points on the skull or the feet in order to treat physical and psychological disorders. Lying on a massage table in the middle of the legendary parasols, breathe in the fresh sea air and let yourself be carried by the expert hands of a practitioner. Objective: to recharge the batteries and regain balance and well-being.

Reflexology sessionLeo Lemasson
Reflexology sessionLeo Lemasson

9. Have fun at the club


Rich in fun and sporting activities, the beach clubs are THE must-see summer event for children from 3 years old! Located on the beaches of Blonville-sur-Mer, Villers-sur-Mer, Deauville et Villerville, find many facilities such as colorful inflatable games, trampolines, slides and adventure courses in which children bounce, jump, roll and laugh.


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Deauville Teen ClubDR
Club of Blonville-sur-MerDellon Olivier
Villers-sur-Mer Beach ClubPatrice Lebris
Villerville ParkDR

10. Take to the skies in a helicopter


With our Héli Events, you can discover the Côte Fleurie from a great height. From theDeauville airport, this helicopter ride will allow you to walk along the coast and enjoy the beautiful natural panoramas as well as enjoy lovely views of the typically Norman seaside resorts. You will fly over Deauville at first, with its racetracks, its marina and even the sumptuous Hotel Barrière Hotel du Golf****, nestled in lush greenery. Then, direction the friendly Trouville, the charming Honfleur to finish with a breathtaking view of the Pont de Normandie. Admire the green countryside, the villas along the dikes, the Touques river which separates Deauville and Trouville, the sandy beaches and of course, the sea, as the only horizon.

Helicopter flight over the Côte FleuriePatrice Lebris

Where to eat


On the top floor of the Novotel **** in Deauville

New 4-star hotel in Deauville, the Novotel has an undeniable asset: its restaurant The Floor, on the 5th and last floor, with a panoramic view of the beach. At noon, take a seat on the terrace bathed in natural light and in the evening, admire the sunset from the large bay windows in a cozy atmosphere. In the kitchen, chef Romain Labrune offers bistronomic cuisine that follows the seasons: poke bowl, tartares, cheese and cold meats, and linguini sautéed with salmon. A feast for the eyes and taste buds.

On the dike of Villers-sur-Mer

To enjoy a peaceful moment facing the sea, take a seat on the restaurant terrace La Digue de Villers. Between its large bay windows offering a breathtaking view of the Villers beach and its modern and comfortable decoration, you find yourself wanting to settle there for a few hours. Seafood cuisine on the menu, everything that makes up the plate is fresh, local and seasonal. We find the traditional oysters, shellfish and crustaceans, but also dishes harmoniously combining French cuisine and Asian inspirations: homemade foie gras with hibiscus, Daikon ravioli-style crab and Yuzu gel.

Facing the sea of ​​Trouville

Halfway between the restaurant and the beach bar, the Perched Hut and its rooftop offer a breathtaking view of Trouville-sur-Mer, its jetty and its lighthouse. Its atmosphere, both cozy and offbeat, makes it an ideal spot for sunbathing while enjoying a cocktail, sweet and savory platters or a seafood plate.

The Floor
The FloorDR
Villers dike
La Digue de VillersOT Villers
The Perched Hut
The Perched HutThe Perched Hut

Where to sleep


On the heights of Villerville at the Domaine du Grand Bec

It is at the end of a modest path that you discover a little corner of paradise, the Domaine du Grand Bec, on the heights of Villerville. From the bedrooms, bathrooms, terraces, restaurant and even the heated outdoor swimming pool, the Estate offers a captivating panorama of the sea. During your breakfast facing the sea or while hitting the ball on the golf course. tennis, let yourself be carried away by the sound of the waves.

Behind the Boards at Villa Namouna

At the crossroads of Art Deco cabins, Boards and Olympic pool Villa Namouna is ideally located close to Deauville beach. On 500m², there are no less than 10 bedrooms and adjoining bathrooms spread over the three floors: three on the ground floor, five upstairs and two on the garden level. On the ground floor, the large living room is illustrated as the heart of the villa. A large reception room located on the ground floor opening onto a terrace and a professional kitchen allows the organization of meals (25 to 30 people).

With a view of Trouville at the Petit Phare

At the end of Deauville, at the gates of Trouville-sur-Mer, The Little Lighthouse charms with its interior. Parquet and wicker furniture, this two-room studio is a perfect mix between the marine world and the Scandinavian style. Its large windows overlooking the beach of Trouville bring great natural light in the early morning. Take the opportunity to have breakfast on the balcony with a view of the lock, its fishing boats and sailboats. At nightfall, the coast shines with a thousand lights and becomes magical.

Domaine du grand bec
The Domaine du Grand BecDomaine du Grand Bec
Villa Namouna
Villa NamounaSandrine Boyer-Engel
The little lighthouse
The Little LighthouseHonorate

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