August 01, 2022

Barrière Deauville Polo Cup: the polo elite at the rendezvous

Every year in August, the tracks of the Deauville-La Touques racecourse live to the rhythm of the hooves of galloping horses, the ring of the Elie de Brignac auction house sees the most beautiful yearlings of the year parade, the bars obstacles wriggle on the large outdoor arena of the Pôle International du Cheval Longines – Deauville… and the three polo fields of the Deauville International Polo Club hear the sound of the little white balls hit by the mallets! Unmissable stage of the international circuit, the Barrière Deauville Polo Cup, which will take place from 7 to August 28, attracts the stars of the discipline every summer. For three weeks, more than forty matches took place almost daily, 10 spectators applauded the exploits of the 000 polistas involved – men and women polo players – who all aspire to the same dream: to see their name engraved on the mythical Gold Cup.

A month of polo in Deauville

First exchanges of mallets on Sunday August 7! Like every summer, the Deauville International Polo Club – world heritage of polo which perpetuates the practice of Argentine sport since its arrival in France in the XNUMXth century – invests the polo grounds in the heart of theDeauville-La Touques racecourse for its traditional tournament: the Barrier Deauville Polo Cup. Four major cups punctuate this month of competition: the Bronze Cup (6/8 goals), the Ladies Polo Cup (12/14 goals), the Silver Cup (14/16 goals) and history Gold Cup (14/16 goals).


 La Barrière Deauville Polo Cup 

The Silver Cup,

from 7 to August 13

The one who opens the ball is the Silver Cup. In fifty years, the tournament has acquired a remarkable reputation among players, both amateurs and professionals. Located at the same level of competition as its big sister, the Silver Cup serves as a warm-up before the Gold Cup; it is therefore not uncommon to see many teams registered for this first tournament to hone their skills.
This year, three teams are involved: Talandracas, Barrière and Mungo. See you on August 7 at 17:30 p.m. to experience the very first confrontation of the season between Mungo and Talandracas!
Silver Cup - Barrière vs Maison Décalé ©Pascal Renauldon

The Silver Cup

The Ladies Polo Cup,

from 10 to August 13

The women take over with the Ladies Polo Cup, a tournament 100% dedicated to them! Created in 2015, this cup makes women sacred and contributes to the international development of women's polo, whose championship calendar continues to grow around the world, and particularly in Argentina. Bringing together the best French and international players, the tournament is growing and attracting more and more spectators.
Historical fact: from April 9 to 16, 2022, Buenos Aires hosted the very first Women's Polo World Cup in history!
The Ladies Polo Cup ©Deauville Polo Club
The Ladies Polo Cup © Deauville Polo Club

The Ladies Polo Cup

The Bronze Cup,

from 16 to August 27

Beginners and professionals continue the show by competing for the 12th Bronze Cup ! Intermediate level, ie 6/8 goals, this tournament is not to be outdone and takes place over twelve days of competition. 
With a record number of ten teams taking part in a competition that puts French professionals in the spotlight (Julien Reynes, Jules Legoubin, Matthew Delfosse, Louis Jarrige, Dorian Bulteau or even Clement Gosset), the Bronze Cup also welcomes some excellent Argentinians like Faty Reynot Blanco, a former winner of the Coupe d'Or, whose big comeback it will be in Deauville.
Bronze Cup - Red Falcon vs Los Indianos ©Emilie Sancho
Bronze Cup - Red Falcon vs Los Indianos © Emilie Sancho

The Bronze Cup

The Gold Cup,

from 15 to August 28

Deauville polo season trophy, the Gold Cup has become one of the five biggest cups in the world, and the biggest French cup. In this queen event, five very fine teams will be competing, made up of French and Spanish players, and great Argentinian professionals. We find Juan-Gris Zavaleta (Fence), Rufino Bensadon (19 years old, whom the French public has seen win since his 15 years in Deauville), Juan Martin Zubia (Talandracas), Bautista Bayugar (Los Dragones) and, last but not least, Diego Cavanagh (La Dolphina). The fifth team, the "local" Mungo, has bet on the continuity of a close formation for three years now with the French n°1, the Norman handicap 6 Pierre-Henri N'Goumou, alongside the explosive Argentinian Storni head (h5) and Juan Cruz Greguoli (h4).
This year, theAll eyes will obviously be on Los Dragones, the big winners of 2021. Thirteen days of competition to culminate on Sunday August 28 with the final of the Coupe d'Or and the Lucien Barrière Grand Prize. Only one question: who will win the 72nd Gold Cup, which the greatest polo players have won since its creation in 1950?
Los Dragones, big winners of the Gold Cup in 2021 ©RB press / Pascal Renauldon
Los Dragones, big winners of the Gold Cup in 2021 ©RB presse / Pascal Renauldon

The Gold Cup

On the polo fields… and many other places

Facing the pitches, the general public is invited to enjoy the ephemeral village, before or after the games. Under a large white marquee, it is good to have a drink at the polo bar while chatting with enthusiasts and spectators from the start or fall for a sweater or a bag with the "Deauville International Polo Club" logo.

But the Barrier Deauville Polo Cup is not content to stay a month on the lawn of theDeauville-La Touques racecourse ; fond of meeting the general public, polo players take over the whole of Deauville, with the traditional parades in the city center the eve of the finals and the beach polo sessions on the beach at low tide.

Parade of polo players © Naïade Plante
© Naïade Plante
Beach polo session ©KPWP

An exceptional line-up of great champions

Will be part of Diego Cavanagh (Brittany Polo), a handicap 9 that we saw evolving last year within the great team of La Dolfina alongside Adolfo Cambiaso, but also Rufino Bensadon (handicap 7), who has grown since his first international steps in Deauville and who competed in the Abierto under the colors of Chapaleufu II. He will play this year in Deauville in the gray and pink jersey of Talandracas alongside Juan Martin Zubia (handicap 8), which we also saw in Palermo under the colors of La Ensenada. The new French team Tedelou bets on the Zavaleta family, brothers Simon and Ramiro et their cousin Juan-Gris (handicap 8) who, in Palermo last December, also played for Chapaleufu II. As for Mungo, Patrick Eisensteter confirms his confidence in Pierre-Henri N'goumou, the French handicap 6, and in Argentina Storni head (handicap 5), crowned with the title of Argentine Champion of… pato (the original version of horse-ball), also won in Palermo!

Pierre-Henri NGoumou (handicap 6), Norman player and current French n°1 ©Emilie Sancho
Sam Sztarkman (right in red), member of the Los Dragones team and winner of the Gold Cup in 2021 who came to defend his title this year ©RB Press / Pascal Renauldon

The polo shirt: instructions for use

But before attending the matches, how is polo played? On a plot of 275m long and 145m wide, two teams of four players strive to send a plastic ball in the opposing goal between two posts, using a mallet consisting of a hard wooden head placed at the end of a long bamboo cane. In a match, there are several periods, or "chukkers", 7 minutes each, interspersed with breaks during which the rider changes mount;The stopwatch is stopped each time a fault occurs. After each goal scored or "goal", the teams change sides on the field and the game resumes with a throw of the ball in the center of the field.


 Understanding Polo 

©Sandrine Boyer-Engel / Emilie Sancho

To discover in August, but not only

Summer is not the only season when polo lives in Deauville. All year round, tournaments can take place outdoors thanks to the creation of a winter polo field in 2008, and indoors in the Grand Manège du Pôle International du Cheval Longines - Deauville. It is moreover in this structure that the very first polo school in France ! At his head, Everard of Spa, graduate of DEJEPS (State Diploma for Youth, Popular Education and Sport) mention polo*, polo instructor and director of the polo school. And it is not necessary to be a rider to try: initiations to discover, collective lessons to benefit from the emulation of the group, private lessons to improve or new session to learn to ride a horse like a gaucho are on the program!


 The polo school in one click 

When to start playing polo? As soon as we are old enough to hold a mallet and kick a ball.
Everard of Spa

More information

Prices :

  • Free on weekdays (except August 15)
  • 10€ on weekends
  • 20€ on the days of the finals

The matches take place in the center of the Deauville-La Touques racecourse.
 The entrance is via Boulevard Mauger, once in the racecourse, access to the grounds is on your left. On race days, passage is subject to fixed times. While waiting for the opening between races, cars must park in the lane provided for this purpose.
45 Avenue Hocquart de Turtot, 14800 Deauville
Such. : 06 46 55 58 18
Mail: contact@deauvillepoloclub.com

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