Deauville-La Touques racecourse - from August 1st to 27th, 2017

Polo has been played in Deauville since 1880. Friendly polo matches has converted into a real institution in the world of polo. The tracks of the Touques racecourse of Deauville started to welcome the best players in the world from the creation of the club in 1907. This summer, the club celebrates its 110th anniversary and organizes for this occasion 4 tournaments with not less than 24 teams!

With the ambition of raising the values of this sport and honour polo in Deauville, the Deauville International Polo Club will welcome teams and public to celebrate the 110th anniversary of the Club.

Polo, a tradition in Deauville:
2017 will follow the tradition inviting the leaders of several teams: Argentinian Sapo Caset, Francisco Elizalde as well as Juan Ruiz Guiñazu and Francisco ‘Pancho’ Bensadon, who will play with his son Rufino, 16-year-old, making part of a new Argentinian phenomenal generation. Four players that have performed or perform the Open d’Argentine, the best tournament in the world of polo!

Twenty-four teams are invited!
The Silver Cup is back, together with the Golden Cup, both 16-goal tournaments. Some more sports events are proposed during the Ladies Polo Cup (4/8 goals) and the Bronze Cup (6/8 goals). 24 teams are expected in Deauville this summer: 4 for the Silver Cup, 6 for the Golden Cup, 6 for the Ladies Polo Cup and 8 for the Bronze Cup: a record ensuring to the public an entire month of polo!

Not only turf...
Four Beach Polo events will approach polo to holidaymakers, through commented matches at low tide. Two team parades will take place on the streets of Deauville on the day of the final match of the Ladies Polo Cup and on the day before the final match of the Golden Cup.