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Annette Boyer armchair

64 rue du Général Leclerc
Villa Montebello


"Solicited by Trouville-sur-mer to create an armchair, I used various techniques and materials in its implementation, representative of my artistic journey. Facing the sea, you can land on my mermaid lounge chair. fabrics very often striped from the seaside deckchairs, the body is streaked with bright colors. Its armrest, reminiscent of the incessant movement of the water, will welcome yours. Its fish tail, metallic interlacing, inspired by the fishing net, will relax your legs, and his benevolent face will ensure the serenity of your rest. I wanted this chaise longue, sculptural and poetic, and chose the little corner of the garden that welcomes it, romantic. "

Plastic artist, insatiable and prolific, Annette Boyer refuses to limit herself to a single mode of expression: paintings, collages, engravings, and sculptures, constitute a generous and unclassifiable work. The materials used, such as metal, paint, earth, resin or paper allow her to create creations that live up to her fantasy.
She gives free rein to a pure artistic expression which she also reveals through her drawings and collages, guided by passionate emotion and imagination. Her expertise, mixed with tremendous creativity transports her into a poetic and fantastic universe that belongs only to her.

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