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Josephine Baker


Born in Saint Louis (Missouri), Joséphine Baker was revealed in France in 1925, by The Revue Nègre  who triumphs at the Champs Elysées Theater. The one we call: The ebony Venus embodies and remains the emancipated woman of the Roaring Twenties. In August 1931, to promote: Paris that Stirs, the new review of the Paris casino, given during the colonial exhibition, Joséphine Baker goes to Deauville. She walks the boards holding on a leash Chiquita, a young female cheetah, who shares the stage with her. After having successively asserted herself as a great resistant, a woman at heart having adopted twelve children and an active activist for the black cause, Joséphine Baker sang at the casino on August 31, 1953 and returned on December 31, 1971 to the scene of the Ambassadors lounge, sing one last time at the Casino de Deauville.

Ph. N