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Augusto, the lobster king!

The Augusto restaurant has joined the network of partners of the inDeauville brand. Long committed to the region, he welcomes in his restaurant many French and foreign tourists who come to taste the lobsters caught off the English Channel. Its notoriety, its know-how and its quality of reception nourish the brand image inDeauville. A new report to discover here.

In Paris cuisine in Deauville

Laurent alias Augusto learned his trade at the Lycée hôtelier de l'Esdiguières, in Grenoble. A school more than a century old installed in a hotel, where he learns to cook. A few internships later, it was on the rooftops of Paris, at the Maison Blanche restaurant - that he began his career as school director. An emblematic address of the 90s, one of the most breathtaking views of the capital. Then it will be the 8th arrondissement, Chez Yvan, a trendy, sparkling and festive restaurant.
The Parisian experience will last nearly fifteen years and ends with the desire to return to the Normandy countryside that he particularly loves. In 2004, he created Casa Cubaine in Trouville-sur-Mer, a restaurant with two forks in the Michelin Guide and cocktail bar that serves until two in the morning. Too cramped, he looked towards Deauville and in 2006 bought the mini golf course, where he created the catering section. Then in 2008, the Augusto restaurant extended its hands to him.

Augusto facade in painting
In rue Désiré Le Hoc, the address, recognizable by its pretty terrace and rounded doors, has been there since the 50s.

Augusto and the 40 lobsters

He is the third owner of this address, created in the 50s. At the time, the cuisine had a bit of a taste of Italy. The place was already popular: The place to be. Later, a Michelin Macaron and the visit of the Queen of England further strengthen his notoriety.
Laurent cultivates the heritage with joy, He kept the lobster and the first name and takes his clients off to each service.
Inside, we are in the cabin of a boat. The InDeauville guides installed prominently. The fishpond fascinates. Caught on the western coasts of the English Channel, Augusto lobsters may become rarer in the event of a winter storm. But, there are always at least ten to watch the room out of the corner of their eyes, up to 40 in summer! 
If you choose to eat one, Laurent takes it out of the tank, weighs it and presents it before handing it to chef Guillaume. Indoors, the gesture is amusing, a folklore for foreigners as well as for regulars. Belgians, Russians, Australians, Americans ... the address is a safe bet, often recommended. Every year, triathletes and marathon runners fill the restaurant. The participants in the Amrae Congress have become faithful.

Restaurant Augusto - lobster - Naïade Plante 475x330
Naiad Plant
Restaurant Augusto - table - Naïade Plante - 475 x330
Naiad Plant
Restaurant Augusto - close-up boat - Naiade Plante 475x330
Naiad Plant

Augusto way

As for the kitchen, there are four of them. The lobster menu is a constant, as is caviar, but the rest of the menu changes four times a year to the rhythm of seasonal products. In addition to the 34 place settings in the lower room, there are ten places on the terrace in summer. The rooms on the first floor, more traditional, are ideal for group or family meals, in autumn and winter.
Lobster Augusto style: cut in half and baked in the oven, it is accompanied by a sauce cooked with coral, Noilly Prat, tarragon, cream, and shallot.
For a quick lunch, choose the chalkboard menu, from € 19,80 to € 25 for lunch.
Restaurant Augusto - stained glass - Naiade Plante - 475x330
Naiad Plant
Restaurant Augusto - Laurent - Naiade Plantes - 475x330
Laurent alias Augusto and the restaurant apronNaiad Plant
Restaurant Augusto - floor room - Naiade Plante - 475x330
The room upstairsNaiad Plant

What he likes in Deauville

The village spirit that reigns in its neighborhood where we often chat on the sidewalk, between traders, for many food trades.
The market and the pretty houses.

Practical details

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