The 150 years of Deauville have strongly marked the Deauvillais and all those who visited the city in 2010. For its 160 years, the city rediscovers the dynamics of an anniversary that had made time, meeting and sharing its common thread . In addition to the planned moments of gathering and joy, in 2020, the inaugurations of two facilities that will mark Deauville for a long time will be added: the Franciscans and the Lookouts of the Presqu'île. They have in common that they existed from the very beginning of the City and open up to the public, 160 years after their creation, with new missions. After dedicating meeting and sharing time in 2010, the anniversary of the city's 160th anniversary, in 2020 will dedicate the places where it can now flourish and renew itself again and again.


Organized for the first time on the occasion of the 150th anniversary of Deauville in 2010, the bath on January 1 has become a real ritual for hundreds of courageous bathers, who are not only cold in their eyes! After some very invigorating exercises on pop rock tunes to warm up, the start is given at 12 noon.

Birthday cake at the association dinner

It is the biggest dinner of the year in Deauville with more than 1000 people present at each edition. The meeting is essential for associations that have made it their festive highlight of the year. This year everyone is blowing out the candles of 160rd.

The intimate Deauville of ... fifteen brand new stories

To celebrate 160 years of Deauville, fifteen writers share their attachment to Deauville in a collection of fifteen unpublished texts, published by Mercure de France.
These authors offer us so many remarkable, intimate and unforgettable moments lived in Deauville. Memories, stories and testimonies, which cross these last fifty years, supported or accompanied by songs of film music and melodies, sometimes also linked with the illustrious ghosts of Deauville.
At the invitation of Deauville for his 160th birthday, Amandine Maissiat, selected a few fragments from these texts. On Saturday April 4, seated at the piano and accompanied by Nicolas Gabet, she sings, reads and echoes in music certain texts from this collection, in the presence of a large part of its authors.

Exhibition "Deauville in the eye of Paris Match"

Deauville is told through an outdoor exhibition. A journey back in time, around twenty stopovers, in black and white then in color, on the most famous promenade in Deauville, to find in twenty commented and often unpublished photographs the personalities who shaped the rich history of Deauville, under the eye of Paris Match photographers.

The exhibition in detail

Deauville capitals

Giant letters will occupy the Esplanade du Bassin Morny. They are designed to attract the eye and become a place where we meet, sit, settle down. Inauguration on May 2 at 11 a.m.

Red white blue picnic

It is a first in Deauville on the occasion of July 14, the City sets up tables and chairs on the Boards and invites to meet for dinner together. Everyone brings their picnic.

Inauguration of the belvederes

Along the Touques, facing the sea, the belvederes and port buildings whose functions are essential to boating are open to the public.
A link between the city center and the new Presqu'ile district, the gateway to the sea at the junction between the Morny pools and Yachts, this project imagined by the architecture studio Xavier Bohl, will further transform the landscape of Deauville while reconnecting with elements of its past. A whole program is being prepared for this inauguration.


Because Deauville holds a special place in their history, it inaugurates places on the Touques peninsula that will keep the memory of their creativity, their audacity and their talent.


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