LEF is a hip-hop group funded in 2015, including 3 rappers and 3 beatmakers. Their diversity provides the group with a striking energy which is entirely experienced during their live performances. This panache has directly led the sextet to the final of the Emergenza Springboard at the Bataclan (2018). A team of stage leaders that are ready to delicately fight.

Funded in 2009, Fixpen Sill stands out for a fluent rap, focused on technique and performance. They got noticed when they joined the "5 Majeur" group, together with Nekfeu, Hunam and Heskis, meeting a great success. In February 2016, Fixpen Sill published their first album titled “Edelweiss”, marking their comeback. On last June, Fixpen Sill published a new EP: "A4637"!

Sopico, 23, is a rapidly evolving artist, whose inspiration goes in every direction, like lava described in his piece titled “Volcano”. After attracting attention with the great MOJO published in 2016, he pursued his momentum with another long project published in January 2018.
It's the hip-hop revelation of the year.
It has the “Nouvelle Ecole” label, together with Still Fresh.
He published his hugely successful “Masque Blanc” album at the beginning of the year. His latest feat production, performed with Nekfeu, has already collected over 5 million views in 15 days!

For years, Joe Lewandowski had an adulterous relationship with techno through his band: the Iron Years. But in 2015, a stay in New York brought him back to his own true love: house music. This love gave birth to two illegitimate children: Bkp evenings that he co-funded; an EP titled “Premiers Frissons” published with Italian label Hopera Records. Looking for his true love, he came back to Paris to become one of the residents of the Garage club, Soirée la Claque and Madman Regent.
Through two vinyl albums, the Voilaaa group has undoubtedly become the best adventure of the moment, celebrating dance, funk and African music. Their best tubes (“On te l'avait dit”, “La France”) are played again and again on Radio Nove selective playlist.

Guts, pseudonym of Fabrice Henri, was born on April 14th, 1971 in Boulogne-Billancourt, Hauts-de-Seine. He is a French beatmaker and a hip-hop and funk producer. With the name of Gutsy, he was a funding member of Alliance Ethnik, of which he ensured the production for about 10 years. He also worked with Big Red of Raggasonic, Svinkels, Sages Poètes de la Rue, Common, De La Soul, or Rahzel of Roots. In 2016, he published about five solo albums.
Camion Bazar has been participating to evening parties for several years now. Roman Play is in charge of the turntables, delivering performances that combine DJ sets and live performances. He mixes vinyl records playing with drum pads and other instruments.
Camion Bazar is not just music, but also a setting contributing to the atmosphere of their performances.
Camion Bazar is more and more recognized as a must of the French nights. Benedetta and Romain Play often welcome performers and young DJs to accompany their show.

Halfway between Live Band and MAO, Yuma Guma offers a colourful musical show including disco, techno and house music. Organisers of “Imaginarium” evenings in Paris, they are considered as one of the most captivating new projects of the French music panorama.

After their first EP leading them to obtain a remarkable role in the French music panorama, the Kimono band is back with a second and even more intense EP. The group brings a unique perspective to the music and cinema of the 1980s, producing a pop music with Japanese-style jazz-funk notes.

In 2007, it’s time for a feminine revelation. In 2018, it’s time for a Corine revelation. #MeeToo is replied with #Leeloo, the name of the heroine of one of her songs: "Marche Nocturne". Corine, disco-glam/disco-charm wonderful diva with bleached hair and glittered eyelids fights for women’s empowerment, just like Simone de Beauvoir and Michèle Obama. It’s true that this extroverted hedonist, able to talk with a Quebec accent for an entire night, approaches the part of ourselves dreaming about using a lot of oil cream in summer and wearing a green biking with lined boots in winter. “Actually, it’s important to develop joy, relax, playing with sensuality”, says the divine creature while applying an umpteenth (unnecessary) layer of iridescent gloss on her lips...
Macadam crocodile originated when Xavier Polycarpe (Gush) and Vincent Brülin (Rülin, fortune) joined to mix their idea of DJing with organic and synthetic live instruments. Their uninterrupted live-set spice up dance floors with their trance and creative spontaneity. Non-stop tracks mix improvisation with captivating loops through disco, funk, electro, show, afro sounds. They play to let you dance. They have decided to play together to enjoy. Looking at them, we can say that they have met their objective: they make jokes, seriousness is almost never there, anger and madness shown during their live show is experienced by the entire public.

How do you make your way from the Parisian suburb to Studio 54? Ask Cerrone. The story could have been very different if Marc’s mother had not decided to buy a drumkit to channel her son's energy in positive directions. When he sat behind his drums, the young fan of Santana, Chicago and Blood Sweat & Tears turned into a gifted drummer who started dreaming of a life in music.
Cerrone was only 17 when he started his first band: Kongas, a funky Afrobeat and Afro-Latin music combo. In summer ‘72, while playing drums in St Tropez, the young musician was spotted but music mogul Eddie Barclay who decided to sign him and his band. In 1976, Cerrone started dreaming of a record mixing prog work soul and funk, orchestral composition and synthesized sounds. To fulfil his musical fantasies, Cerrone chose Trident studios in London (attended by Yes and Genesis). His 16 minutes long instrumental piece on the A-side, Love in C Minor is an unidentified musical object way too confusing for French labels. Eddie Barclay told Cerrone: "This will never be played on the radio!" Cerrone didn’t care. He published 5,000 copies of his new recording. The album received a boost from destiny: an order for the Parisian record shop Champs Disques was sent to New York by mistake. New York DJs loved the sound of the French producer. And so did Neil Bogart, boss of Casablanca Records, who published a first remake of his pieces for nightclubs. Cerrone saw this as a sign and decided he should try his luck in America.
Ahmet Ertegün, the owner of Atlantic Records offered a 7 years record deal to the French musician for 3 albums. La machine Cerrone est lancée. The French musician became a huge star providing hits and won 5 Grammy Awards. By 77, disco music was upsetting the dance floors of the entire world. The small Parisian urchin decided to move to New York where he became the darling of the Studio 54 club scene.
In 1986, saddened by a divorce and a cocaine addiction, Cerrone is depressed in Los Angeles. Jack Lang, the almighty French Minister of Culture, asked him to organize a rock opera at Le Trocadéro. The composer accepted and asked members of YES and Earth Wind & Fire to join him. Following this amazing laser light show, the same Minister asked him to deliver another performance for the bicentenary of the French Revolution at La Concorde.
Cerrone influenced and opened the path to the French Touch movement. Daft Punk, The Avalanches or Beastie Boys have stolen once at least an idea from the producer. As DJs like Dimitri From Paris or Bob Sinclar (who sold 1 million copies of his Cerrone by Bob Sinclair album) did too. Now a DJ himself, Cerrone finds his way to studios once again.
The musician worked over three years between Paris, London and Los Angeles to deliver a new record. Red Lips is an amazing unexpected album where we can hear new talents (Kiesza, Yasmin or Brendan Reilly, one of Disclosure’s singer), world-renowned musicians (Aloe Black, Alex Taylor from Hot Chips) and legends like Tony Allen, Nile Rodgers perform for him. All gathered to decode the secret of Cerrone’s Midas touch.

Mézigue, co-founder of Parisian label D.KO Records, is a real technician and a remarkable producer. His two EPs (Mangez Moi, Kestuf Daronne?) published with D.KO Records in 2016 propelled him to the forefront in a few months. His music has conquered the public appreciating his unique universe and pieces of a rare intensity, such as “Du Son Pour Les Gars Sûrs”, viewed several thousands of times. Mézigue is an artist with a crazy energy, able to set on fire any dance floors. He came back in 2017 with his first LP published with D.KO Records.

Kid Francescoli is a new musical artist from Marseille playing electro-folk and Indian instrumental music. With his folk guitar, a fabulous korg and a sampler, he acts as an entire group and fascinates his public. It’s not surprising that he plays together with Oh Tiger Mountain ! CQFD/Les Inrockuptibles.
Created in 2012 as a music blog, Newtrack adopts an associative structure to organize events.
Newtrack shares love for electronic music, current arts and parties.
In 5 years, the group was recognized as one of the best actors of the Parisian electronic panorama.

Initiated by his father to funk and disco sounds, he decided to fund a death metal/noise-grunge group. Alias Zend Avesta, he published “Organique” in 2000, an experimental pop remarkable album. Passionate for classic music, he also worked for the GRM institution, focused on contemporary music created by innovative experienced artists: Pierre Henry and Pierre Schaeffer. Artists like Oliver Huntemann, Zen Kei, The Rapture, Depeche Mode, Tiefschwarz... asked him for remakes. He published albums with Kling Klong, Goodlife and Dimmer. Rebotini is also the producer and singer of Black Strobe: he published with this group a first clearly electro rock album in 2007. Now, he works alone again with his analog devices, without using computers, considering this tool an obstacle to musicians’ freedom. The artist must be one with his instrument: this is what he thinks about electronic composers today.

It is a member of community-action group Diggers and founder of the eponymous soundcloud YouTube chain providing disco music fans with their best albums. “Coco”, “jungle” or “togosava” are already hits.


G'Boï and Jean Mi is a rapidly growing DJ duo owning a label and online record shop La Chinerie, whose objective is gathering record collectors in Europe. Their different groups of sound exchange daily gather countless fans (Les Chineurs de House, Beau Mot Plage…).

This amazing name hides one of the leading French producer and DJ. He is the label manager of the great Moonrise Hill Material and FHUO Records, producer and DJ having already performed on the nicest stages in France and abroad. He announces a great 2017 and the publication of a second album with Moonrise Hill Material after a series of commitments with leading labels like Fauxpas Musik, All City Records and Sleazy Beats Recordings. Let’s keep an eye on him.