July 03, 2018


After the famous LONGCHAMP umbrella bag, a line of sportswear edited by ARMOR LUX, a capsule with AGNES.B . Deauville unveiled two years ago "cuff" bracelets designed in collaboration with the ARTHUS-BERTRAND group. 2018 marks the creation of a pendant in the same spirit, reproducing the design of the lices of the Planches de Deauville, a well-known symbol of the city.

The lices des planches: symbol of Deauville

Several products already bear the famous symbol found on the lices of the cabins of Les Planches. Built in 1923, the famous sea bathing establishment displays an Art Deco architecture. Visitors from all over the world appreciate the modernity and purity of its lines as well as its mosaic decorations. The City intends to continue its collaborations around this design symbolizing the architectural creativity of the city.


This brand license is part of a strategy - like the other Deauville licenses - to protect and enhance the value of the DEAUVILLE name, a strategy that is both meaningful to its consumers and likely to generate revenue to support the development of the area's appeal.

This spring, Deauville is launching two other "flagship" products: a line of tableware with the Guy Degrenne brand andEau Paris-Deauville in collaboration with the famous Chanel house.

The Arthus-Bertrand Group

Throughout its history, the Group has developed around 4 major values, which have ensured its durability and driven its development since its creation: tradition, quality, creativity and technical know-how.

The story

In 1802, Napoleon, then French consul, created the order of the Legion of Honor to reward both military bravery and civil merit. Taking advantage of this opportunity, a military officer, Michel-Ange Marion, created in 1803 a company of embroidery, passementerie, flags and badges, which provided at the beginning the main part of the military embroidery and the flags of the army. At the same time, another officer of the revolutionary army, Claude Arthus Bertrand, also created in 1803 a company in the publishing field. Highly respected under the Empire, both men were awarded the Legion of Honor. The two families were united in 1862 on the occasion of the marriage of two of their grandchildren.

The company then began to manufacture decorations and medals and set up a store as well as the company's offices in Place Saint Germain des Prés, the brand's emblematic location. The First World War increased the activity and visibility of the Arthus-Bertrand company, which won the competition for the creation of the Croix de Guerre. After the war, benefiting from the prestige of victorious France, it became the supplier of medals and decorations to a large number of countries in Central Europe, the Middle East, Africa and South America, where it expanded particularly from 1938 onwards with the acquisition of the Lemaître company. This international expansion enabled Arthus-Bertrand to acquire a very rich historical collection of striking dies (punches) for possible reissues. The company then began to manufacture metal military badges (regimental badges, etc.), and then continued to diversify into the production of baptismal medals and jewelry. After the Second World War, Arthus-Bertrand became the official supplier to various ministries. In 1963, it was entrusted with the design and production of the National Order of Merit. The company was also subsequently referenced for the manufacture of swords for academics and necklaces dedicated to the Presidents of the Republic. From the 1980s onwards, the Group opened its range to new and original products, such as the pin, which the Group originated and which contributed to increasing its reputation. In the 2000s, the Group decided to develop its network of directly operated stores, opening a second store in Paris (avenue Victor Hugo) in 2000, a new one in Lille in 2006, then its third Parisian store (rue Royale) in 2010, and finally, at the beginning of 2011, in Bordeaux, Lyon, Toulouse, Deauville, Cannes, and Brussels; all of the stores being located in prime city-center locations. This policy of own distribution is accompanied by the opening of an e-commerce site.

The Arthus-Bertrand Group's operating companies currently generate consolidated revenues of around €36 million and employ 263 people. The Arthus-Bertrand brand, positioned on the high-end market, continues to strengthen its visibility in France, in particular through a policy of setting up stores and more active communication. Arthus-Bertrand has a wide range of skills. 4 types of activity characterize the Group:
- The "merit" market: manufacture of decorations, medals and badges,
- Jewelry and watches,
- Communication objects: from exclusive custom-made objects to key rings,
- Industrial subcontracting: corresponds to the manufacture of accessories for the luxury world.
This relatively long-lasting business mix is also often the subject of exceptional orders (major political or military events, sports competitions, etc.). This diversity in terms of business and distribution channels is a strong asset because it allows for good diversification of risks, a guarantee of its durability, particularly in times of crisis.

Deauville, the brand

Identity, history, economic strengths, heritage, quality of life, landscapes, since its creation, Deauville has been highlighting its territory in a permanent search for attractiveness.

In 2007, Philippe Augier, Mayor of Deauville, realized that the Deauville brand was too often misused for the benefit of private interests with no connection to the area. He organized the legal protection of the Deauville name and at the same time worked on the development of brand licenses and derivative products that were meaningful for the town. Deauville's economic strategy is based on the development of responsible tourism: heritage protection, quality of welcome, creation of high quality tourist infrastructures, cultural and sports event policy, research into new forms of tourism, support for forums and meetings that make things happen. The registered and protected DEAUVILLE brand is the expression of an identity, a positioning, and a shared ambition: to develop Deauville's reputation and strongly affirm its positioning as a cultural and tourist gathering place, a place of creativity, encounter and well-being. The DEAUVILLE brand highlights the area's individual and collective successes, the facilities, events and meetings that bring the area to life. It can be shared by all the economic, cultural and associative players who adhere to its values and ambitions.


The pendant, in silver 925/1000, will be sold exclusively throughout the summer in the Arthus-Bertrand boutique, 105 rue Eugène Colas in Deauville


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