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07th October

Art Shopping: art accessible to all

Myriam Annonay Castanet has worked in the event industry for a long time. Organization, marketing, logistics: none of the facets of a major trade fair escape it. She has always been interested in those who are devoted to the art world, regretting their inaccessibility for the uninitiated. In 2007, she took the plunge and decided to create an event that truly met her ideal: an event dedicated to art where the public could interact with the artists and where the works displayed affordable prices. It is called Art Shopping and has chosen user-friendliness as a value.

A fair to reveal talents

In 2007, Art Shopping affirmed its unique vocation on the art market: to highlight artists, promote their meeting with the public, present works at "workshop prices". On this basis, Myriam Annonay Castanet establishes a strong connivance with the artists with whom she comes into direct contact with a few young galleries dedicated to emerging arts. Some are, thirteen years later, still at his side with each new edition. 
The show's communication and its very "mothering" model offer real opportunities to develop their notoriety. A boon for them who often work in isolation. With Art Shopping, they benefit from advice, a warm environment, and a strong audience.

By having public accessibility and prices as its foundations, Art Shopping attracts many visitors. 
The French - sensitive to creation - very many visit contemporary art events (fairs, exhibitions, museum exhibitions…)… but few dare to enter an art gallery and even less ask for a price. By breaking the usual codes, Art shopping opens the doors of contemporary art to a wide audience: seasoned collectors, aficionados, families, young amateurs ...

What you will see at Art Shopping

Art Shopping - Betty Guzzo - 880X570
Betty Guzzo will exhibit her most iconic creations characterized by rigorous construction.
Delaplace - "The three brothers"
Art Shopping - Xavier Wttrwulghe
It is one of the emblematic images of the 2019 edition of Art shopping, acquired by the Franciscans. It is signed by Xavier Wttrwulghe
Balthazar - Mediterranean Palace
Sofian - L'Envol La Banque Postale

Its eclecticism is one of its assets: painting, photography, digital art, sculpture, street art ... multiple media and techniques give a real approach to the current contemporary scene. The renewal of artists - many of them apply each year - allows the show to remain daring and innovative. 

Four people work year round for Art Shopping. The team is agile and passionate.
The Carrousel du Louvre remains the historic venue of the show. However, for three years, Myriam Annonay has decided to try additional editions outside Paris, in seaside towns where she finds her Parisian clients more relaxed and a new audience awaiting contemporary art demonstrations. Deauville allowed him to confirm his intuition and to pursue a new story in La Baule and Biarritz. 


Art Shopping allows you to meet artists in a friendly way, offers affordable prices for favorite purchases and thus makes culture and art accessible to a wide audience.
Myriam Annonay
Art Shopping 2019 - exhibition images - 475x710
Art shopping - salon images - 475x710
Art shopping - salon images - 475x710

An artistic bubble for three days

This year, artists are doing a lot of work on depictions of idols from the golden age of pop culture. Photography will be very present. the public will be able to discover Norman artists like Padu, Betty Guzzo or Julien Sarkis. 
Favorite: an exhibition in partnership with the postal bank will show the work of six young artists on the theme of flight. 
Myriam Annonay Castanet loves the emotion, the pleasure and the reactions aroused by a work of art. According to its creator, Art Shopping is a sort of three-day artistic bubble where everything is done to surprise, from the works to the routes offered to visitors, from live performances to services such as catering or the packaging of works.

Cherry on the cake ! Art Shopping will take place at the same time as the Deauville photography festival, Planches Contact.

From October 30 to November 1 at the Deauville International Center.