Touques, seeking to promote cultural life, hosts art ateliers held by craftsmen and artists in the district of Saint-Pierre Square. They can show their specialty working on site, under the public eye. All artistic activities are welcomed to make this district a real pole focused on creation.

Situated around Saint-Pierre square, the Art District is an art hub that hosts 4 ceramists’ studios and 2 galleries: David Guzman (pièces artistiques uniques), Tony Mauger (épis de faîtages et décorations extérieures), Peter Poter (art de la table et décoration), Tia Terra (objets utilitaires et décoration) travaillent sous le regard du public et proposent stages et cours.
The Galerie Saint-Pierre, specialized in urban art, and the Galerie des Créateurs (contemporary creations and crafts) are the finishing touch to this creative universe open all year round.