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Architecture: 7 incredible places open their doors to you inDeauville

Elegant seaside villas, Art Deco beach cabins, an Olympic-size swimming pool in the shape of a shell or a half-timbered mansion, inDeauville architecture is nourished by multiple influences. They give our territory a precious and surprising charm. During your stay, discover them by strolling through the streets of our cities, in contact with craftsmen at the Poterie de Bavent or during a getaway in one of our hotel-villas. This way the visit!

1. Live the seaside style


From Villers-sur-Mer to Villerville, the inDeauville coastline holds a preponderant place in the history of seaside resorts. At the end of the XNUMXth century, the rise of sea bathing introduced lush villas and buildings of a new architectural style to the coast; a harmonious mix of flat tiles, raw concrete, finials, red bricks and half-timbered frames.In Villers-sur-Mer and Deauville, discover this unique heritage through the streets and its renowned villas such as the impressive Villa Strassburger. Look up, admire the facades and let yourself be carried away by the beauty of the place.

Villers-sur-Mer promenadeDR
Villa StrassburgerSandrine Boyer Engel
Streets of VillervilleDR
RidgeSandrine Boyer Engel
Building in Villers-sur-MerDR

2. Rent an Art Deco cabin


At the start of the XNUMXth century, the Art Nouveau and Art Deco trends clash with the Anglo-Norman register of the city. Around an innovative project called "The Pompeii Baths", the architect Charles Adda created the sea baths and its cabins in 1923, a colonnaded establishment. The modern architecture of the establishment, the purity of the lines and the mosaic decorations are inspired by models from Antiquity 250 cabins, 50 of which are luxurious, organized in two quarters are built. Low and horizontal in composition, the Pompeian baths do not obstruct the view of the sea from the Casino terraces or the villas on the seafront. If the cabins are today You can always rent a postcard from Deauville. To choose the right cabin, you have two options: boulevard side and small indoor pools and baths side, for the Roaring Twenties atmosphere. Reservations are open every year from the month of January to theEstablishment of sea bathing, where you can also rent parasols, deck chairs and mattresses.

Art Deco cabins in DeauvilleBeatrice Augier
Mosaics of the Pompeiian BathsSandrine Boyer Engel
Mosaics of the Pompeiian BathsSandrine Boyer Engel

3. Settle down in the Armchairs in the Seine


Sitting on a heart-shaped armchair at the foot of the Graves Park in Villerville, along the Yves-Saint-Laurent promenade in Bénerville-sur-Mer or on a "psychedelic frog" at Marais Natural Park, the atypical circuit "Armchairs in Seine"invites you to discover the territory of the Cœur Côte Fleurie Community of Communes from a new angle, through urban armchairs revisited by artists and installed throughout the sea trip, at the edges of water points or in the heart of the Norman bocage. This creative and participative approach leads walkers to stroll on sites offering an exceptional panorama on the Estuary, on the Seine or on the surrounding countryside. The 40 participating artists, amateurs and professionals, come from the Côte Fleurie , from the Pays d'Auge and more widely from Normandy. From stencils to sculpture, including the use of wood, photography or painting, each of them was free to grasp the raw material to transform it. The armchairs are installed in all 12 municipalities of the Cœur Côte Fleurie Community of Communes: Bénerville-sur-Mer, Blonville-sur-Mer, Deauville, Saint-Arnoult, Saint-Gatien-des-Bois, Saint-Pierre-Azif, Touques, Tourgéville, Trouville-sur-Mer, Vauville, Villers-sur-Mer et Villerville.


4. Swimming in a seashell


La Olympic swimming pool of Deauville has it all: sea water pumped off Deauville and heated to 28 ° C all year round, a 50-meter Olympic pool for long-distance swimming and architecture by Roger Taillibert, also at the origin of the Parc des Princes in Paris and the Olympic Park in Montreal. Far from the traditional Norman style in vogue on the Côte Fleurie when it was built in 1966, it implemented a long-range thin sail process, tested in the early 1960s and in which he became the specialist. With its concrete sails and curves, the exterior of the pool looks like a seashell resting on the sand, facing the sea, sheltered from the sea winds. Inside, it's a huge vault that captures the sun and light. An ideal place for a swim, a workout or an Aquagym course.

Deauville Olympic swimming poolSandrine Boyer Engel
Deauville Olympic swimming poolNaiad Plant
Deauville Olympic swimming poolDR

5. Meet the artisans at the Poterie du Mesnil de Bavent


You will find the source of inspiration for your home, which deserves an ornamentation worthy of the most beautiful residences in the region at the Pottery of Mesnil de Bavent, Norman know-how for 175 years. His speciality ? The finial, a roof decoration characteristic of Norman architecture, which today stands alongside a whole set of ceramic objects to decorate roofs, interiors, tables and gardens. During a guided tour, discover all the manufacturing stages of the finials, from their design to their finishing, but also the pottery workshops.

Craftsman at the Pottery of Mesnil BaventDR
Finials made at La PoterieSandrine Boyer Engel

6. Have a drink at the bar of the legendary Normandy


THEHotel Barrière Le Normandy ***** is one of the most majestic villas in Deauville, presented as "the most beautiful hotel in the world" when it opened. Its deliciously convoluted Anglo-Norman cottage-style architecture with its convoluted bell towers, its roofs adorned with finials and its painted half-timbered walls make it a legendary address. Within it, the palace houses a bar with British accents, with a stone fireplace and mahogany high chairs, where Winston Churchill used to be. The menu seduces with its daring cocktails and its selection of wines, produced by Manuel Peyrondet, Best Sommelier of France.

Normandy's barFabrice Rambert

7. Attend a show in an Italian theater


It is, with Cherbourg, Lisieux and Evreux, one of the four Italian-style theaters in Normandy. It was built in 1912 within the Casino, at the initiative of Eugène Cornuché who relaunched the station by offering it an abundant artistic program. Its architecture is inspired by the Opera of the Palace of Versailles. It borrows from this model the oval-shaped room and the arch supporting the ceiling. The toile de Jouy marks the decor of the place which has kept its original composition. The stage frame is surmounted by statues of Neptune and Amphitrite (character from Greek mythology). Today, the theater hosts a program of shows from the Casino Barrière.

Casino Barrière TheaterSandrine Boyer Engel
Russian Art Festival at the Casino Barrière TheaterFestival of Russian Art

Where to eat ?


Within theHotel Barrière Le Royal *****, The Royal Side stands out with its period decoration: fine woodwork, majestic windows and sparkling chandeliers. Chef Éric Provost serves traditional gastronomic cuisine based on local products, following the seasons. Savor the hot pan-fried foie gras garnished with blueberry and ginger marmalade, dare the prawns marinated in satay spices and pak-choï cabbage and enjoy the mille-feuille in raspberry arlette with its pistachio cream.

In the heart of the Normandy countryside, the hotel Mansions Tourgéville, splendid and authentic Norman manor house, houses its bistronomic restaurant, the 1899. In the kitchen, chef Emmanuel Andrieu takes pleasure in mixing local products and flavors to simmer simple and refined dishes such as creamy risotto with Parmigiano Reggiano and small artichokes, veal osso bucco with citrus fruits and prawns in tempura and its sweet and sour sauce. Plates full of colors, to be enjoyed on tables adorned with white tablecloths, seated on comfortable velvet armchairs surrounded by large wooded fireplaces.

Facing the port of Trouville-sur-Mer and its fish market, the restaurant Steamers attracts curiosities with its 1920s setting arranged "à la Parisienne", its benches and vintage advertisements. Oysters, shrimp or seafood platters, mussels of all flavors and meats have made the establishment famous for nearly 100 years.

The Royal SideFambrice Rambert
the 1899DR

Where to sleep ?


In an augeron mansion

Authentic manor of the Pays d'Auge from the XNUMXth and XNUMXth centuries, the hotel The Manors of the Portes de Deauville is nestled in lush greenery, dressed in its original half-timbering and stones. Estate classified as a "Historic Monument", it houses 27 rooms and suites with exposed beams, shades of white and monumental fireplaces. At the end of the day, you can't resist the heated outdoor swimming pool.

In the cradle of Impressionism

It is the most famous inn in Honfleur: the Saint-Siméon farm ***** has seen the greatest impressionists, like Boudin, Monet and Courbet, captivated by the beauty of the place and its breathtaking view of the Seine estuary. It's your turn to be: the rooms are warm and with sloping ceilings, mixing the charm of the old with modern comfort.

In an old Art Deco post

Unique in Normandy! Theold post Art Deco Trouville-sur-Mer, erected in 1932 and classified as a "Historic Monument", has been rehabilitated into a superb 300m² loft. The reception hall gives way to a living room, equipped with its original clock, authentic post office furniture that has remained intact and a decoration made of brass, velvet and wicker. Capable of accommodating 9 people, this loft is a paradise for lovers of unusual places.

Manor of the Doors
The Manors of Portes de Deauville ****The Manors of the Portes de Deauville
Saint Siméon Farm
The Saint-Siméon farm *****Saint-Siméon farm
Former Post Office Trouville
Former Trouville Post OfficeDR

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