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Villa Camelia© Béatrice Augier
© Sandrine Boyer Engel
© Delphine Barré

A seaside town nourished by many influences, Deauville harbors a great diversity of architectural genres. The city has been modern in all its eras, daring and creative, letting talents express themselves. These testimonies of the genius of town planners, landscapers and architects are still alive. The villas are often amazing, sometimes they are real masterpieces of architecture. They give Deauville an original, distinctive, precious charm, astonishing by the diversity of its districts, its influences.


Three characteristics found its identity: the great creativity of its architectures, radiant, eclectic or more modest; the originality and the strength of its urban composition; finally the importance of its gardens and fences which fully participate in the general atmosphere of the streets.

© Delphine Barré

Protected creativity


Deauville developed in 2005 a Protection Zone for Architectural, Urban and Landscape Heritage (ZPPAUP). In 2015, the Architecture and Heritage Development Area (AVAP) succeeded it with particular attention to sustainable development and with a vision extended to its entire territory. AVAP protects and enhances the old habitat, and opens the eyes to a new quality construction, respectful of the spirit of the place. In the spirit of the Grenelle of the environment, it also makes recommendations for the proper integration of technical equipment for the control or production of energy, in an approach of sustainable development and preservation of heritage.

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