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© Moatti et Rivière
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Sumptuous entrance

The Franciscaines will be accessible through a monumental portal surrounding the entrance door of the current chapel highlighting its high relief, columns and arches. A strong architectural gesture, symbol of a new urban reality. A green entrance and a stone-step facing the large portal frame the forecourt, an outdoor exhibition site contributing to the development of the urban space. The project shows the heritage of this place, renovating the original convent, the Saint-Joseph building and the Biesta-Monrival building. The complex is complemented by a structure linking the Biesta-Monrival building to the original convent: a two-level gallery, enlightened by a zenithal light, welcomes the exposition halls dedicated to André Hambourg’s works.

© Moatti et Rivière
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Main aims of the project: meeting and sharing

Two squared courts with an area of 400m2 each are at the heart of the project: the cloister and the temporary exposition hall courts. They are both covered by identical glass roofs with different soffits.
The first one – under the cloister – lets filtered light in. On the soffit: a printing on a microsorber, an acoustic absorbent material. In the second one – welcoming the temporary exhibition hall - the light is filtered by white slats acting as sun-breakers. A perfect lighting for the contemplation of masterpieces.
These courts share the same objective, at the heart of the Franciscaines site: meeting and sharing.

© Moatti et Rivière
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A digital route in the "Grande Galerie"

After crossing the “Haut-Portail”, visitors reach the”Grande Galerie”, a monumental entrance hall. This 10-meter-high gallery offers a shifting digital route introducing all thematic universe halls. This singular route leads visitors to the cluster on one side – giving access to boutique, reception, cafeteria, temporary exhibition hall and specific universes – and on the other side to vertical connections leading to the thematic universes and to the exhibition galleries of André Hambourg’s works.

This high perspective shows digital ambition and creates in each thematic universe an animated multimedia scenery, extended by hallways.

© Naïade Plante
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Visitors become protagonists

Every effort is made to ensure that visitors live diverse experiences during their visit. A diversity supported by the exhibition mode characterizing each collection, but also promotion of the place, role of images, interactivity and the experience of the “Grande Galerie”, a hall collecting the digital resources of each thematic universe.

Architecture and scenery are combined, proposing a spatial experience where images, sounds, objects and spaces, chosen by visitors in complete freedom, can meet.

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The Franciscaines' universes

The Franciscaines site installed thematic universes in the original structure of the convent, where floors were demolished, so that these universes can visually converge through the “Grande Galerie” vertical fault.
- 1st floor: “Heritage of Deauville”, “Explore the world” and “Horses”
- 2nd floor: “Health and wellness” and “Music, cinema, show“

Each of these five sequences has its own colours, nuances and scenery characteristics.