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Revealed by "A man and a woman"

Daughter of actress Geneviève Sorya, the actress began filming at the age of 14. She acquired notoriety thanks to Jacques Prévert who wrote her a tailor-made role in "Les amants de Vérone", a film by Cayatte. Fellini and Jacques Demy offer him leading characters, but it is Claude Lelouch with A man and a woman filmed in Deauville, which makes its cinematic couple with Jean-Louis Trintignant legendary all over the world. His notoriety earned him an international career with George Cukor, Robert Altman and Sydney Lumet.

An interpretation prize in 1980 at the Cannes Film Festival for his interpretation in the film by Marco Bellochio "The jump into the void", an Honorary Caesar in 2002 and a Golden Bear punctuate an impressive trajectory. An icon of the new wave, Anouk Aimée remains timeless.

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