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The Anonymous Project


Guest Photographer - 2021 Contact Plates


The Anonymous Project, collection created by Lee Schulman, where each image chosen to join it, is because it has a story to tell.

Founded in 2017 by Lee Shulman, The Anonymous Project is one of the largest private collections of amateur color photographs of the XNUMXth century. Composed of around XNUMX Kodachrome slides, this set of images forms an incredible collective memory, moments of life lost in time. These anonymous photographs constitute a kaleidoscopic diary of this period, as fascinating as they are striking because they are imperfect. Often funny, surprising and touching, these images tell the story of our lives.

The Anonymous Project is an artistic process that aims to give meaning to these forgotten memories and offers new ways of interpreting and telling stories that question our place in the contemporary world.

The Anonymous Project in Normandy

The images specially selected for Storyville in Deauville, reflect shared moments of life, emotions with which we can all identify. Happy, funny or playful, each of these snapshots captures everyone's hopes and dreams. They are a celebration of life, of our lives, and of a collective memory that belongs to all of us.

Installation and projection

Various places in the city