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The place escapes the traditional division of museum-media center-spaces of cultural and associative life. It aims to be innovative in form and in spirit. This is its starting point: to offer visitors a new approach which facilitates the exploration of works whatever their form: book, film, pictorial works, music ... Here no marked path. The digital device - collaborative and immersive - opens up multiple avenues for visitors, guided by their own interests. A unique experience for everyone!


The thousands of documents acquired by the City have been divided into five multifaceted universes. Visitors will access it in a very innovative way and will be accompanied by a digital device accessible from the main gallery. In principle, the experience could resemble that experienced by a user on the web where you surf from one subject to another. The Franciscans will add a playful, interactive, intuitive script in ideal conditions for consultation.  

At the Franciscans, visitors will be active, masters of their choices between the multiple scenarios, gateways and resources on offer. They will explore at their own pace to build their own knowledge, a walk in which the surprise has as much right to quote as the assurance of finding what one seeks. What is central in the project is to encourage the visitor to spend time.

There is no logic of flow, input-output, number ... but values ​​of pleasure, pleasure, discovery, exploration.

"CWhat is new in the project is that it has the particularity of not separating the objects of a culture, but of bringing them together in the same space. Here, at the heart of the same spaces, we find scattered parts, attached to a museum, to collections, to a media library. However, in general, these parts are distributed in different rooms or buildings. What interested us precisely from the start of our reflection was to push this idea even further, and to make this idea of ​​“pooling” the very idea of ​​the project. It seemed to us that something was sketched in the program and that it had to be radicalized so that this pooling was effective and tangible in the space itself. Instead of presenting pieces, we therefore present collected objects of culture. This approach is really new, because it has never been done in cultural facilities. We ourselves have carried out projects where we find a museum, a conservatory, a media library, separated from each other; there, we bring everything together. The mixture of cultures, temporalities and knowledge is the very principle of the project ".

Alain Moatti - Architect 

Alain Moatti Project architect - Moatti & Rivière Agency